Saturday, October 25, 2014

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: The Follies

Breast Cancer Awareness Month 

As BCAM winds down it has occurred to me to do my part in raising awareness for this very serious disease.  My very first blog and I want to make it count for something.  In all honesty, I love breasts. Who doesn't? In fact, as I contemplated creating my first blog I considered naming it, "The Udder McCain."  Unfortunately, I had to abandon the idea when my brother Robert Stacy McCain threatened me with a copyright infringement suit.

No Bra Day

 "Breast cancer survivors and supporters on Twitter and Facebook are encouraging women not to wear a bra for a day to raise awareness and support breast cancer survivors."
Now, why didn't I think of this.  There's nothing like a little nippage to get my attention!  It's all for a great cause and what's wrong with having a little fun with it?

 Suzanne Somers
But Sarah Michelle Gellar apparently doesn't feel the same way. The B cupped C list-er Tweeted her opinion that she thought it did more to raise awareness of #creepymen than it did breast cancer.  Talk about a fucking #buzzkill!  Perhaps at 37, with no real career, SMG is feeling a bit bitter. Or maybe it's that without the pushup, poke out technology of modern bras no one would ever notice she had a pair. Unlike, of course, the all natural Ms. Somers.

On The Way Out

No bra day might not be your thing but should you forego the booby bondage for a day hang a pink BCAM ribbon by that puppy and I'm sure your admirers will get the message.  Till next time, don't neglect your health. 

And remember the five most famous words in blogging:
Send Me Your Topless Selfies!

Inspire me, it's BCAM.



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