Thursday, October 30, 2014

Curl up with Ghost Story for Halloween

If Halloween finds you looking for something you can watch at home, Ghost Story just may be your ticket.  This well made film about college buddies with a dark secret features a cast of Hollywood legends.  John Houseman, Melvyn Douglas, Fred Astaire and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. head up the 1981 film's cast and you won't be disappointed.

The film also featured, a newcomer to the American screen, Alice Krige in all her full bushed glory.  Can you say naked crazy woman?  The nudity seems fine at first but later it's meant to put the viewer on edge as it's somewhat disconcerting.  Add to that the ghostly quality of her dialogue and you'll be hugging that pillow a bit tighter.

Krige has a wealth of work so I thought I might throw in a picture of what is perhaps her most famous love scene.
Krige most endeared herself to Star Trek fans by reprising the Borg Queen in the last episode of Voyager.  Her haunting voice just can't be duplicated.  Anyway, if you watch Ghost Story carefully you may see another Star Trek connection.
Robin Curtis

Ghost Story is a great old film.  If you saw it back in the day it's definitely worth watching again.  If your a bit younger and you are a fan of classic film you don't want to miss this one.  Pass the popcorn, please.

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  1. Ghost Story is a great film - well worth the watch.