Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Naked Ladies of Texas

Police were called by people who witnessed a woman strip naked. The woman then got into her car and drove away.  Is there any thing that could get a cop car moving faster? Muggers, thieves and other criminal types might elude the boys in blue but naked women never.  When officers pulled the woman over she was indeed nude and drunk.  Her three year old son was riding on her lap.

Okay gang can we agree that alcohol maybe the least of this woman's problems?

But there's more!

Naked woman in tree gets meth dealer arrested.  Maybe it's just me but that headline caught my attention.  Neighbors called to report a naked woman running around knocking on doors.  I wonder what the response time was on that call?  Police arrive to find the woman in a tree. When they ask her what she's doing, she says she's looking for her meth dealer.
Okay, sit back and let's think about this.  She's running around naked knocking on doors looking for her meth dealer.  Can you see this in your head?  Meth does this?  So your a cop and there's a naked meth whore up a tree, you have to look up there, right?
As if things couldn't get weirder as they're dealing with this woman they get another report of a naked person in the neighborhood.  It's the woman's boyfriend.  Police convince the couple to text the dealer, he shows up and is promptly arrested.  The naked drug seekers were released for their cooperation.  What?
Shouldn't these people have been evaluated for their bizarre behavior?  They could hurt themselves for crying out loud.
Better lock and load folks, it's a brave new world.