Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Until Death ...

"Carol Coronado was naked and holding a knife when sheriff’s deputies entered the residence, investigators said at the time." 
Carol Coronado
Frankly, my crazy bitch alarm would have exploded.  Coronado was indicted last month for the May murders of her three children.  Days after the initial reports I heard post partum.  Let's hope the jury doesn't buy that.  The only thing I see missing from this story is a man responsible for her actions.  Of course if there was a man the media could readily blame perhaps this story would have gotten as much coverage from CNN et al as the white man who left his child in a car to die.
Forty percent of the women incarcerated in America's prisons admit they were doing drugs when they committed their crimes.  I'm just saying ...

Death Race 2000

Judy Kirby wants a new trial.  On March 25th, 2000 Kirby began acting crazy.  With four children in her vehicle Judy Kirby sped down a highway the wrong way.  Witnesses say she made no effort to dodge the oncoming traffic or get turned around.  When the crazy bitch's car collided with a van driven by Thomas Reel it was described as a "spectacular explosion."  Reel and two of his children are killed as well as the four children riding with Kirby.

Judy, family members said, had been suffering with depression.  She had checked into a place for treatment recently but left early.  Her attorney claimed Kirby's erratic behavior was caused by an undiagnosed thyroid disorder (WTF?) a claim refuted by a prosecution medical expert.  Her ex-husband said that she was distressed by a failing relationship with his brother. ( Really?) Another family member testified she was worried about being busted for drug distribution. Bingo!

When Elliot Rodger killed six people in Isla Vista the Main Stream Propaganda Machine went into overdrive to make sure that you knew he was a woman hating misogynist and that guns are bad.  It's all about the narrative.

Folks, you better lock and load.

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