Saturday, November 8, 2014

An Evil Step Mom is Sex Predator ( allegedly )

"Melton said in the affidavit that Dickerson's husband, Darrell Dickerson, contacted ICSO Sgt. Gabe Sanders on Aug 31, informing him that his wife possibly was having sex with underage boys."
According to this story  two days later the police were interviewing a twelve year old boy.  The boy had been visiting with Beth Dickerson's step sons during the summer and he went on to confirm that he had sex with the 31 y.o. woman.

"On Sept. 4, Dickerson's husband told Sanders of another potential victim, this one a 15-year-old girl, who shot a video of his wife masturbating. Dickerson allegedly sent the video to more than one male, according to the affidavit."
What is it about these women making videos of their debauchery?  Here we are less than a week after The Other McCain  tipped us to a story out of New Orleans in which a 26 year old woman recorded herself with a three year old boy and a dog!

Angeline Lodice

Beth Dickerson was making videos and texting them to men who have yet to be named.  As you read this story it's apparent she suffers from a personality disorder of some sort and was obsessing about sex and controlling her young victims, if all that's been reported is true.

"According to the girl, Dickerson touched her intimately, coerced her into activity with a sex toy, dressed her in lingerie and allowed teenage boys to look at her."

Talk about emerging awareness.  In my mind this sort of activity makes a person dangerous.  This cannot be construed as misplaced affection.  It's hard to believe that hardcore porn isn't affecting American women. Do we really need vagina statues?

"As the investigation continued, authorities learned of a second potential teenage female victim. On Sept. 10, the 14-year-old involved allegedly told authorities of two occasions when Dickerson masturbated in front of the two teen girls and made the girls take videos of her during the act. Those videos again were sent out in text messages." 

I expect this woman will not get the punishment she deserves.  A plea deal will be reached sparing the children the prospect of testifying, though in my mind the video would be enough.  At any rate, I'll try to hold onto what sanity I have as I watch the world descend into complete madness.


  1. That is not a vagina statute, that is an actual scale model of Kim Kardashian's v-jay. You have heard the joke: Like waving a stick in the Holland Tunnel? That is the basis for it.

    1. And I thought it looked like the ex ' s ...