Monday, November 24, 2014

Debra Lafave & Other Lonely Teachers

Jennifer Suarez, 37, had sex with a 17 year old boy in her classroom.  Her case is typical in that she was arrested on first degree felony charges but apparently was allowed to plead to a fourth degree charge.

You can read the story here.  She could have fought the charges to preserve the honor of her name but then, it's not as if the cats would care.  Suarez could get fifteen years but I suspect the deal was done so she could get right back to those cats.  Meow.

Hot Teacher Likely to get Probation

English Teacher Emily Nesbit
Emily Nesbit pled guilty to sexual misconduct with a student back in September.  Isn't she pretty?  The thirty-one year old was busted having an affair with her eighteen year old male student.  And it's all so tragic you know?
“This was a difficult case,” he added. “Emily is a young woman with kids of her own, so the consequences to Emily and her family are devastating. She is a convicted felon, she will be on Megan’s Law for 15 to 25 years, and somehow she needs to figure out how to pick up the pieces.”
 Obviously, a male teacher banging an eighteen year female student at the high school would not be getting this sort of sympathy.  The 'R' word would be used repeatedly in the story and his photo would not be so complimentary.  Emily, you see, is a victim, too. But I digress.

After talking to the victim and his family, prosecutors said they expect Emily will get probation.  Pennsylvania has laws that prohibit 'institutional sex.'  So despite the victim's age the affair was illicit.  These laws are common in many other countries and are similar to laws which prohibit sexual harassment in the work place.  The rub seems to come when it is women who are in authority and they violate the trust of those who have given them that authority.

Look at Emily, she's a very attractive woman.  Why mess with a student?  I can't feel sorry for women like Emily.  She's college educated and knows the rules.  Of course, she is a blond.  'Don't tell anyone or I'll be in big trouble.'  A teenage boy is banging a hot teacher and he's not going to brag to his buddies?  What planet is Emily from?

Sometimes They Get What They Deserve

Sarah Raymo, another thirty-something year old lonely teacher, will be spending at least ninety months behind bars according to an article posted at  Raymo, it was alleged, bought cigarettes and alcohol for her fourteen year old male victim.  And yes, she sent him nude pictures in text.  Prosecutors dropped several of the more serious charges to get the plea which came earlier in the month.
"Considering everything, this is a horrendous crime," Judge Kenneth Schmidt said. "As a teacher you are placed in a position of trust over your students, and that trust was violated."

 Debra LaFave: Free at last

Too Pretty For Prison
"The notorious Florida teacher who had a torrid affair with a 14-year-old student has been released from parole." - Ryan Gorman via
After fucking a fourteen year old student at her Florida middle school Lafave's attorney argued that she was too pretty to go to prison.  No person of good conscience could have stood brazenly in court and asked for leniency, but she did.  After making a deal to avoid prison, she and her attorneys have petitioned the court repeatedly to have her 'deal' altered.  So it came to pass last month that slut extraordinaire Debra Lafave won her freedom.  I'm sure we haven't heard the last of this pink trash.

Are there male sex offenders in our schools, yes.  They will go to prison.  Women are now seventy-six percent of the teachers in this country and we seem to be seeing an increase in predatory women.  When women are given a pass on their sexual exploits with children it will embolden others to cross the line.  If the culture war was lost then it seems our children will be the collateral damage.

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