Monday, November 3, 2014

Florida State's Problem Isn't Bad PR

The Democrat's recent crusade against sexual assault on our nation's college campuses seems to be a charade.  I say that because they go silent when the crime involves a student athlete.  Against a backdrop of high profile claims of NFL player violence against women and murder suspect Jesse Mathew's history of alleged sexual assaults in college; Florida State football players seem to be getting preferential treatment.  At the very least, there is some reason to suspect that there are irregularities in the way some cases of violence are being handled at the Tallahassee school.

According to a New York Times article, FSU's top rusher Karlos Williams is being investigated for domestic abuse.  The story has a confusing element which says a domestic incident occurred in January that didn't involve Williams.  Apparently, the issue was not referred to the local domestic violence center in a timely manner.  All of this comes on the heels of a rape accusation against the team's Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Jameis Winton and the troublesome way the case has been handled.
In December 2012, quarterback Jameis Winston, who last season became the youngest winner of the Heisman Trophy, was accused of rape. It took nearly a year for the case to reach the prosecutor’s office. Last December, the local prosecutor said there was not enough evidence to charge Winston. This season, Winston was suspended for a game after shouting lewd statements in the student union.
"Fuck her right is the pussy," is what he shouted.  Last month the school began a disciplinary inquiry into the rape accusation.

Time after time, I see charges of sexual assault dropped.  In the case of Jesse Mathew, the suspect in the Hannah Graham murder, it appears that sexual assault charges prompted him to leave two schools where he played football.  No criminal charges appear to have been filed in those cases.

Democrats aren't interested in campus safety but rather they are interest in campus control.  This proposed new law would do to our nations colleges and universities what Obamacare is doing to the health care industry.  This is about liberals who target men for punishment having a formalized means of exacting their revenge upon, for the most part, white men.  This is about power.  It's about the insidious influence of Marxism and nothing more.

I guess I'm a RAAAAACIST for noticing women are just ho's in rap and hiphop or that the thug culture might not be in the best interest of campus safety.  I might be a RAAAAACIST for suggesting these things have an effect on young black athletes.  I'd say it was a shame for these attitudes to get in the way of a woman's safety on a college campus but I don't see women commenting on the way Jesse Mathew slid on sexual assault charges in college.  Claire McCaskill couldn't be reached for comment.  Neither do I see McCaskill of Gillibrand appearing on CNN to talk about the problems at FSU.   Democrats never help anyone but themselves. 

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