Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Former Raven Cheerleader Accused of Raping 15 y.o. boy

The Huffington post is reporting, Molly Shattuck, a former Ravens cheerleader, repeatedly raped a fifteen year old boy.  Shattuck, 47, apparently saw the boy's pictures on Instagram and then contacted him.

I think there's a bit more to that, don't you?  She didn't just see his picture on Instagram, she was looking for something.  Can you say online predator?  Allegedly.

"The documents also say that on Labor Day Weekend, Shattuck bought beer for herself and the teen, then drove back to a beach house where they were staying with her children and some of their friends."

Later, allegedly, she gave the boy a hummer while walking the dog.  I bet the dog felt weird.  And again, in her bedroom.  And where were her children?

If true, this lady is pretty messed up.  And did her children not notice something a little weird was going on or is this fairly usual behavior for mommy?

Of course, according to Tucker Carlson, we have to pretend that fifteen year old boys can be raped.

I say we have to lock women sex predators up to show that we're not going to stand for this behavior in our society.  Jail might be a blessing when you're headed for a life with 60 cats.  I'm just sayin ...

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  1. Isn't it cruel and unusual punishment not to let cat ladies have their cats in prison?