Sunday, November 23, 2014

Rule Five: DragonCon Dolls

DragonCon is a Sci/Fi Fantasy convention held annually in Atlanta Georgia on Labor Day Weekend.  Attendance is roughly fifty thousand.  Unlike ComiCon, DragonCon is a fan fest, meaning that fan memberships pay for the event and programming is independent from any industry influence.  Fans of movies and television shows from years back can attend panels and see their favorite stars because DragonCon is about more than the latest and greatest.  Firefly panels were tough to get into this past year as Adam Baldwin and Ron Glass were both on hand.

So this past Labor Day Weekend I was strolling around the Con taking pictures in a photo journalist type of way when I saw a cosplayer in a costume I immediately understood the importance of.

Moondragon with Phyla Vell
I promise you will see Moondragon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Why? Several of the Marvel movies have already involved powerful gems or stones collectively known as the Infinity Stones.  The story goes that should anyone possess them all they could destroy the universe.  Remember the creepy dude at the end of the Avengers?  That be old Thanos and he's after those gems.  Though Moondragon may be a minor Marvel character she is the sworn enemy of Thanos.  She has been involved with both The Avengers and The Guardians of the Galaxy.  In fact, her father's soul is bound to Drax.  Bet you didn't get that from ComiCon.
The Guardians of the Galaxy
So you probably didn't click on a Rule Five to hear me babble on about something called the Infinity Gauntlet.  And maybe your a big DC fan.  Gotcha! Right after Gamora.

The DC Gals

While Marvel has reeled off one after another cinematic hits DC has been stuck in the little box.  The Flash, Arrow and Gotham seem to be doing fine in television land but the big screen has not been so kind to DC.  Green Lantern came off like a parody and The Dark Knight didn't do much for me.
Harley Quinn
Joker's insane sidekick Harley Quinn is set to show up in Suicide Squad.  I honestly believe she could do a solo movie if the right actress played the role.
Poison Ivy, seen here stalking our heroes, is Harley's ally.  After receiving injections from Ivy, Harley became resistant to most poisons.
Zantanna Zatara
Zantanna, a Justice League member, will probably never see the big screen. DC seems so focused on it's TV products I expect Dawn of Justice to flop.  If Marvel can make a go of Guardians you would think DC could introduce characters like Zantanna.  I guess we will just have to settle for ...
Wonder Woman by Claire
I'm crossing my fingers for Wonder Woman and Dawn of Justice.  In the meantime, if you'd like to see more of my DragonCon photography drop by my deviantart page.

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