Saturday, November 15, 2014

Rule Five: Star Trek

In sitting down to do this Rule Five I first wondered where I might start.  Upon thinking about the women of Star Trek I realized it would require installments. Let's begin then with Star Trek ToS.

Julie Newmar in the arms of Captain Kirk
William Shatner's Kirk was often tempted by women, many of them from alien races.  Then there was Batgirl and Cat Woman.
Yvonne Craig as Marta Whom Gods destroy
Spock was also to be tempted as in The Enterprise Incident.  Trek fans fretted that Spock would be turned to the Romulan cause by a commander played by Joanne Linville.
NBC censors were always concerned about the content of the star spanning show.  Female unis and alien wardrobe were often a point of contention.

Sherry Jackson What are Little Girls Made of?
There were some very notable guest appearances during the ToS run.  Sally Kellerman the original Hot Lips.

Kellerman in MASH
Teri Garr, Assignment Earth, has more credits than I can name here.
Teri Garr
Lee Meriwether, another Cat Woman, who was crowned Miss America in 1955.

Lee Merriwether
While the major roles in Star Trek were male the series provided plenty of opportunities for women in guest roles.  And because the series often dealt with contemporary problems like race and war these roles were more than just eye candy.  The franchise continued into the arena of motion pictures and in it's first effort Star Trek: The Motion Picture it featured the exotic beauty of Persis Khambatta.
Persis Khambatta died at 49 of a heart attack.
I hope that the spattering of Trek trivia didn't spoil the Rule Five for you.  It's said that you should blog what you love and Star Trek is certainly one of the things I love.  And for those who might say I really didn't start at the beginning because Enterprise is chronologically first.  Do you really think I forgot?

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