Monday, November 24, 2014

The Climate Change Pause

In 2005 after Katrina I was ranting about the unusual solar activity that summer and the lack of coverage that it received.  While CNN and other propaganda outlets featured Sean Penn and Al Gore blaming Bush for Katrina I was reading online accounts of the recent spate of CMEs aka solar flares.  Now the number of sunspots has dropped and we're experiencing colder weather.
Believe it or not the sun has been linked to weather on planet earth.  Crazy, huh?  It seems to be a tenuous sort of connection.  During the 'Little Ice Age' from 1350 to 1850 there was a pronounced lack of sunspot activity.  These periods were given names the Maunder and Dalton solar minimums.  I would also note that the 'Little Ice Age' followed the 'Medieval Warm Period.'  Funny how climate changes like that.

Well, according to a recent article at  the recent solar cycle is reminiscent of the Dalton minimum.  Be advised the author seems to believe in AGW or man made global warming.  Be that as it may, the number of sunspots observed on the sun is not yet subject to political spin.
"During the Dalton minimum European winters were about a degree celsius cooler than typical, including the "year without a summer" in 1816 (though that was largely due to the Tambora eruption in 1815)."

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Amazingly, to me, when you read about the 'Little Ice Age' scientists aren't sure about the causes.  But they are convinced of Global Warming?   Some attribute the 500 year period of chilly weather to a rise in volcanism.  Giving the impression that they believe the unusual paucity of sun spots was merely coincidental.

Listen, I'm all down for Tambora as the culprit in the year without a summer.  But I doubt volcanoes can be held responsible for a 500 year cold snap.  Where are these other volcanoes?  Tambora might have caused a few cold years but it was one of the largest eruptions in the last 2000 years.  Let's also note that the Tambora eruption came near the end of the Little Ice Age.

Those who claim there is no bias in climate science are the real deniers.  I'm not saying that the sun is the sole factor in our climate but the adversity most scientists seem to have toward including our star into their climate prophesies is beyond obvious. 

The Dalton Minimum ran from 1790 to 1830 that's forty years.  If we are sliding into another minimum there's no way to know how long it could last.  But it stands to reason that agriculture would be negatively affected.

The scary thing is no one is paying much attention.  In fact, as the Daily Caller reports there are now 52 explanations in the mainstream media for the global warming pause.

The sunspot count is scientific fact.  We froze our buns off last winter, scientific fact.  It looks like our buns are going to freeze again this winter, hello Buffalo, and nary a word in the media that these conditions might persist for decades.  Smaller crop yields and higher energy demands for heating might well be in our very near future.  Economic chaos could follow and the next thing you know we're all eating soylent green.

No need to fret our President signed a climate agreement with China.  ROFLMAO

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