Monday, November 10, 2014

The Digital Jungle - Children at Risk

It's an all too often scenario, teens caught up in the digital frontier of bad behavior.  It's an electronic jungle populated with predators and prey.  A place frequently without parental supervision.
From PCTECH Magazine
Gurnee Police said a female freshman at Grayslake Central High School was arrested Friday on a charge of distribution of child porn. She turned herself in with her lawyer and was released to her parents.

The charges are severe for what many teens think is cool.  Three boys in the scandal may have to register as sex offenders.  It's crimes like these committed by teens that challenge our society's laws on age of consent and even child pornography.  While many parents demand action on cyber-bullying, parents of predators will say the penalties are too severe.
"A Canadian teenager who was arrested at 15 for running a prostitution ring that used Facebook and Twitter to traffic other teen girls has been served a six-and-a-half-year sentence."
According to this story at the New York Daily News, Kailey Oliver-Machado used social media to lure girls as young as 13 for sleep overs.  The girls were drugged, photographed naked and forced to act as prostitutes.  Kailey, fifteen at the time, was charged as an adult.

But where are the parents of these victims?  Were my parents strict just for wanting to know where I was going?  Is it too much for a parent to call the parent of their child's friend?  No, but today parenting seems to refer more to custody than to responsibility.

“Their family infrastructure has gone away,” Hoski said in a press conference. “There is no one to report them missing.”
 Human traffickers and pimps prey on vulnerable youth who come from broken homes, single parent homes and on those who have low self esteem and a lack of a support system.  Rampant porn, drugs and no family structure equals a societal train wreck.  But it's no accident.  Social liberalism has brought us here.  When you tell adults there is no wrong when it comes to sex it will trickle down to the kids.  And the self absorbed adults masquerading as parents busy satiating their own libidos don't have time to watch the children.  Family movies are politically incorrect now.  That's where social liberalism has taken us.

When the story of Duke's teen porn star Belle Knox aka Miriam Weeks broke there was a media feeding frenzy.  Weeks claimed she had to do porn to pay her tuition at Duke, but claimed she had a scholarship to Vanderbilt.  Getting banged on video was empowering she said and women and feminists ( including those on The View ) rode to her rescue.  Anyone who disapproved was slut shaming.
Slut shaming, you see, porn is good for women.  How dare we suggest that there is too much porn.  Women have a right to choose!  Prove there's a connection between porn and teens going to jail for sexting.  Folks, we do not live in a responsible society.  Think about the word society.  The concept that the activities of people are interconnected.  Justice Kennedy's Emerging Awareness isn't happening in a vacuum.  It's happening to us, to our children and he thinks that's okay.

With freedom there must be responsibility to the community.  I may feel I have the right to do this or that but if my actions have a negative impact on the rest of society then I should be prohibited from doing those things.  You have the right to free speech but you might be arrest for yelling fire in a crowded theater.  In my mind, the courts have wrongly allowed gay marriage without due consideration for its effect on the majority who pursue the right to marry and have children.  Those who marry for the natural considerations are under attack and now the conversation has turned to legalizing incest between adults.  Giving such ideas legitimacy is dangerous.  It pollutes the cultural atmosphere like second-hand smoke.  For one thing the left would insist that school children would be taught tolerance.  If little Susie isn't accepting of these perverted moralities, well, she just a hater.

Near Mobile, Alabama a terrible evil has been uncovered.  An extended family engaged in incestuous orgies according to multiple stories including The Associated Press.  Children too young to participate would watch from the foot of the bed.  Mothers prepared their daughters to join the adults using sex toys.  That's just some of what I've read about this story.

Meanwhile in Florida

"A South Florida mother was arrested after police say she forced her 16-year-old daughter into prostitution with a suspected drug dealer."
The daughter claimed she began doing drugs with her mom, Susan Calana, at age twelve.  Her mom (cough cough) was also charged with interference of custody.  You can read the whole thing here.  Although not mentioned in this story it is perhaps useful to note that " has provided advertising services for child sex traffickers in at least 154 cases nationwide, including six in Texas."

Solutions are never easy.  Standing up for what's right might be easier than you think.

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