Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Obama Effect

During this campaign season one after another Democratic candidate tried to distance themselves from the party's titular leader, Barack Obama.  And still they fell.  And then there was a group Rand Paul seemed fond of pointing out.
How could this be?  The President got us out of Iraq aka ISIS central command.  Isn't that what everyone wanted?  Has he not handled the Ebola crisis like a champ?
The President says he hears you, but you don't believe for one minute he gives a damn about anything that's important to you.  Mister Obama clearly believes he was elected to do whatever he wanted as opposed to govern a nation which is evenly divided between liberal and conservative.
The Obama Administration gave Democrats no success stories to run on so they resorted to a playbook which is old and torn, 'The Republican War on Women.'  Texas abortion queen Wendy Davis, rejected by double digits.  Mark Udall's over the top focus on abortion and contraception, rejected.  Dude, you were running against a woman!
"I plan on spending every moment of the next two-plus years doing my job the best I can to keep the country safe and to make sure more Americans share in its prosperity," the President said as aides hastily loaded his golf bag on to Air Force One.  Okay, I added that last little part in there, but you never know!
With Russia threatening U.S. allies in Europe, Obama has sent troops to Africa to fight Ebola and announced a draw down of U.S. troop strength.  Meanwhile back at the ranch, the President threatens to take unilateral action on immigration via the power of the pen.  When it comes to this President there's little to cheer about and that is the 'Obama Effect.'
Six years after 'blame it on Bush' Democrats can now blame it on Obama.

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