Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Science is Settled: Hollow Earth

In 1692 Edmond Halley, astronomer and Newton collaborator, put forth the idea that the earth was hollow.  Wolfe Blitzer rushed to London for an interview and soon it was agreed the science was settled.
The Hollow Earth Theory was born and there could be no debate.  Halley the great man of science and cohort of Isaac Newton had spoken.  Soon others took up the cause.  It was taught in universities ( like Auburn ) and lectures were given.  And everyone knew it had to be true.

In the early nineteenth century John Cleves Symmes, Jr. took up the cause.  He took to the lecture circuit explaining the theory to all who would listen.  Finally, President John Quincy Adams approved an arctic expedition to prove the theory once and for all.  Before the expedition could begin Adams lost his re-election bid.
Andrew Jackson: Hollow Earth Denier
Symmes expedition to prove the Hollow Earth Theory was snuffed by the new President Andrew Jackson.  Yes, Old Hickory was a Hollow Earth denier.  His legacy forever stained.

I have to confess, I too am a hollow earth denier.  But who am I?  Certainly, I am no Halley.  But like Old Hickory I'm going to stand my ground.

I'm sure there was a point to all of this when I started but it's getting kind of late and I need to take my medicine.

So cya!

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