Saturday, December 20, 2014

Climate Change: The Key to One World Government

What would it take in this age of advanced technology and science to forge a global government?  A question I'm sure that has been asked in the hallways of a certain New York City complex in recent decades.  The answer is simple, a world wide threat.  You must have a threat or create the idea that there is a threat to every nation on the planet.  Since the dawn of civilization men have dreamed of world wide domination.
I've often remarked that Republicans aren't merely pitted against U.S. Democrats but rather they are struggling against a larger, more shadowy, worldwide socialist network.  A network whose headquarters are in New York City.  Oh and these U.N. officials have certainly latched onto the Global Warming agenda.  How silly they must think the environmentalist bleeding heart dolts are in the western world.  So naïve have we become that healthy skepticism regarding this agenda, and the people behind it, has been widely abandoned.

This month the United Nations sponsored The People's Climate Summit in Lima, Peru.  A run up to the 2015 Paris talks and a long overdue global climate agreement.  So, if you will, let me pull you away from the media spoon feeding and give you a dose of socialist reality.  The talks are not about the climate at all.  The talks are about redistribution of wealth.
An excellent article by Tom Harris at the Daily Caller points up the devil in the details.  To summarize, so called rich nations would pay developing nations and give them technology in exchange for their cooperation in controlling emissions.  But there's a catch, big surprise.  For the developing nations, which would include India and China, their economy and poverty eradication would trump their responsibility to comply with emission guidelines.  In other words, the developing nations could ignore any emissions goals.  You may doubt my warnings of this all being a left wing totalitarian plot, after all I'm a Hollow Earth denier.
"Still, the organizers of the People’s Climate Summit issued a statement Thursday lambasting the “patriarchal-capitalist system that maintains oppression” and rejecting market-based mechanisms as a way to resolve climate change." - The Wall Street Journal
 When the sitting American President talks about wealth redistribution you shouldn't be at all surprised at what I'm telling you.  And that's all this is about.  The left is obsessed with despotic left-wing regimes.  What we have here is a scheme to funnel money to the worst human rights violators on the planet.  Remember Oil for Food?

I'm not against helping other nations reduce their emissions.  But I'm totally against writing a check to a country that threatens world peace such as North Korea.  We should never reward bad behavior.  South Africa has become known as the 'rape capitol of the world.'  Why do we give countries like that money?  I'm a little more concerned about the nonstop, senseless violence seen in the 'developing nations' than I am the climate.  And finally, any nation would be foolish to surrender their sovereignty to an institution such as The United Nations.

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