Monday, December 22, 2014

Firing Squads Are Neat

Heather Mack and Tommy Shaefer have now been transferred to notorious Kerobokan prison in Indonesia.  The star crossed lovers are being held in connection to the August murder of Sheila von Wiese-Mack in what has come to be know as The Bali Suitcase Murder.
Sheila von Wiese-Mack

By all accounts, Heather and her mother had a volatile relationship.  Sheila, a Chicago socialite, had summoned the police on dozens of occasions during their incendiary disputes.  Sheila and her late husband James Mack, a notable jazz musician, had won a settlement with a cruise line worth over eight-hundred thousand dollars.  James put five-hundred thousand aside for Heather but after his passing Sheila went to court and was made sole beneficiary.  This move certainly wouldn't have help the tumultuous mother-daughter relationship and might have been the motive for Sheila's murder.
The pregnant Heather Mack shortly after her arrest

In August, mother and daughter went to Bali on a luxury vacation that ended with mama being found in a suitcase!!!  The penalty for premeditated murder in Indonesia is execution by firing squad.

"Mr Schaefer had arrived at the hotel from the US at two o’clock in the morning of August 12 - just six hours before the murder - and Mrs Mack did not know he was coming,’ said Mr Raja."

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 "There is evidence of premeditation here."
 I'm thinking the world's largest suitcase maybe exhibit A.  The young lovers first story was that armed thugs had entered the room, blah, blah, blah.  Unfortunately for the devilish duo the Saint Regis Bali Hotel has more video cameras than Pamela Anderson's bedroom.
Since then Tommy has confessed to the killing, and if we are to believe either of these killers, Heather became robot-like and hid in the bathroom.  If I may, this young man's confession has about as much credibility as an Obama press conference.  Tommy claims he and Sheila argued over Heather's pregnancy and he lost it when she called him the 'N' word.  If that suitcase had been just a bit bigger.

After their arrest Heather accused the Indonesian police of being racists because they offered her Kentucky Fried Chicken.  A police spokesman explained that KFC was an expensive meal in Indonesia.  After a few weeks in Kerobokan I'm sure Heather will be dreaming of some finger licking good.
Heather and Tommy enjoy some cuddle time before their transfer.
It seems unlikely that Tommy arrived on the last day of the Macks' vacation and ended up killing Sheila in a fit of rage.  And when he arrived at their door with something hidden under his shirt, who opened the door?  Who brought the world's largest suitcase?  And then there's the money angle.  If only that suitcase had been a little bit bigger.

It's perfectly understandable that Tommy would want to spare the mother of his child the death sentence.  And Heather has played the victim from the get go but the arithmetic is not good for either of these two.  We will probably never know the whole truth but it would be a miscarriage of justice if either of these two ever walks this earth in freedom.

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