Sunday, December 7, 2014

Hannah Graham - UVA's Real Victim

Amid all the hoopla of Rolling Stone's less than credible rape story the spotlight seems to have dimmed on real rape.  University of Virginia student Hannah Graham was viciously raped and murdered.  Jesse Mathew was arrested in connection to other attacks as well as that of the UVA student.
Murder Suspect Jesse Mathew
The feminists and anti-rape groups don't seem very concerned about real safety.  They have been busy staging protests outside fraternity houses.
They are also not protesting outside the athletic dorms at Florida State University where the wheels of justice turn so slowly they seem to hardly move.  Why?  This is more about the crusade to diminish men than it is about the safety of women on campus.  This is a symptom of women being radicalized on our nation's campuses.  It's easy to spot these liberal hypocrites in traffic, just look for the COEXIST bumper sticker.

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