Saturday, December 27, 2014

Rule Five: The Folly of Ferguson

When the government failed to protect people and property from criminal mobs in Ferguson Missouri it fully justified a group of people usually dismissed as paranoid nutjobs.

All of those peaceful protests were, for the most part, unlawful.  Anti-abortion protests are by and large very peaceful.  If they interfere with anyone who wishes to use an abortion clinic then they are not lawful and the police may remove them.  My obedience to the law trumps my feelings about abortion.  When protestor's activities interfere with the rights of others to engage in any legal activity they are breaking the law.  If you wish to use the streets as a venue for your protests you should get a parade permit.  While the media echoed the word peaceful ad nauseam they neglected to dutifully remind people that these demonstrations were unlawful.  Likewise, the media seems adverse to pointing out that Governor Nixon (D) and President Obama (D) were derelict in their duty to defend the property and rights of law abiding citizens.

Now, in some counter-intuitive logic, I suppose the left will feel compelled to lecture us on how many shells our clips can hold. HMMMM? 

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