Sunday, December 7, 2014

Rule Five: Horror Film Hotties

Horror films are indeed a passion of mine and as I thought about this post I knew who number one would be but you'll have to wait.  In going through some lists of horror film hotties I noticed there was almost always a glaring omission.  I'm not going to number all the hawtness here but to establish my authority on the subject I will start with the undisputable number one.
Fay Wray
Fay Wray, the original scream queen and star of King Kong.  RKO had wanted Jean Harlow but contractual issues made her unavailable and the decision was made to go with Wray.  Doctor X and The Mystery of the Wax Museum are a couple of my other favorites from the era.

I watched Dwayne Johnson's Hercules the other day in which Jon Hurt has a major role.  Hurt is one of my favorite actors and it brought another film to mind.
Susannah York and Jon Hurt
Susannah York, starred in the brilliant British horror flick The Shout (1978) along with Jon Hurt and Tim Curry.  The Rocky Horror Picture Show nexus at this point is unavoidable.  Fay Wray, Doctor X and Tim Curry are all connected by TRHPS and you think you've got it, right?  Sir Robert Stephens is also in this film and he, late in life, married Patricia Quinn who played Magenta in TRHPS.  Stephens first wife was Maggie Smith who had a small part in the Harry Potter films. Together they had a son, Toby, who you may remember as Gustav Graves in Die Another Day.  Toby Stephens also starred in The Machine a fantastic science fiction movie that must be seen if you're a fan of the genre.
Jamie Lee Curtis
Jamie Lee Curtis, star of Halloween and daughter of Psycho star Janet Leigh.  John Carpenter's Halloween is the king of the slasher genre and Jamie quickly became a big screen favorite appearing in 1980 alongside her mother, Janet, in Carpenter's The Fog.  IMHO Jamie Lee is still smoking hot.

I hope you've enjoyed my Horror Film Hotties and rest assured there will be future installments.  I leave you with this parting shot of a sign along 295 in New Jersey.  I've never taken this exit.

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