Friday, December 5, 2014

Thou Shalt Not Cook Thy Neighbor

" James Sheaffer's head has never been found. And only 56 of the Deltona limo driver's 206 bones were recovered, a medical examiner testified at the trial of the woman accused of killing him." - The Daytona Beach News Journal
Angela Stoldt
 In April 2013 Angela Stoldt, 42, killed her neighbor in a dispute over money according to prosecutors.  On trial for First Degree Murder, Stoldt's recorded confession has been played to jurors.  This murder is so grisly the woman behind it can only be described as inhuman.  Well, crazy bitch works, too.

Stoldt gave the man a drink spiked with a muscle relaxant then drove him to a cemetery where she killed him.  An unconscious Sheaffer was first stabbed in an eye with an ice pick and when he failed to die Angela strangled him with a cord.  After her victim expired Stoldt stabbed him in the other eye with the ice pick, just for good measure.
"She wrapped his head in plastic and drove back home, Sheaffer's body in the front seat, ice pick still in one eye." - The Daytona Beach News Journal
 Did I say crazy bitch?  At some point her attorney, I read, filed a motion claiming self defense under Florida's Stand Your Ground Law.  It was rejected out of hand.  She had bought items used in the murder just prior to committing the crime.  As incredible as it seems her attempt to dispose of the body is even more gruesome.

Throughout the whole ordeal Angela went to great lengths to contain the blood which is why she had wrapped the head in plastic.  From other accounts I've read, when she got his body to her house she took it into the garage where she had two plastic kiddie pools.  She then set about dismembering Jimmy's body segregating the parts into the two pools.  I'm thinking she watched way too many episodes of "Dexter."

It was at this point the demented woman's scheme went awry.  She had planned to cook away the victim's body.  She loaded up the oven and cranked up the heat.  When her teenage daughter complained about the stench she was told a rat had got into the oven and was burning.  Now Angela began to boil some of the body parts in large pots.  When all of this failed to produce the desired results she placed the body parts in garbage bags then enlisted her two teenagers help is disposing of them all over the county.  The children were told by their mother that she had hit a deer.
“She cooked him on Thursday and you'll hear her say she trashed him on Friday." - Prosecutor Ryan Will
 According to an Orlando Sentinel article three weeks after the murder Stoldt confessed to her sister.  Later April, the sister, would say that Angela was out of her mind that night. Sure, but she'd been crazy for a while.

Dexter and movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre seem impossibly over the top.  Such a gory crime is incomprehensible to the average person.  Yet, it seems, we see more and more stories like this and all too often the monster responsible is a woman.  Lizzy Borden wouldn't even be front page news.

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