Sunday, December 14, 2014

Trailer Park Perverts

"A 33-year-old Rock Island woman is the latest person charged in an ongoing child abuse investigation involving a Davenport mobile home park."
According to this article from The Quad City Times Angela Rodden, 33, allowed her child to spend the night with a known registered sex offender.
"The felony count stems from the minor having also been sexually molested by the offender."
Six women have been arrested on similar charges and there may be as many as nine minor victims according to police.

Davenport is in Iowa folks, this ain't no southern tragedy.  This trailer park sounds like a nexus of pure evil. 
"At the time of the sweep, at least 11 registered sex offenders listed the Patriot Mobile Home Park as their residence. More recently seven list the trailer park as their residence."
This is just my guess but I'll wager drugs or some other remuneration was involved.  And if I may, six women arrested and I'll wager they're all single moms.


A Utah woman has been arrested for taking lewd pictures of her five year old daughter and selling them.  According to this article from The Standard Examiner, Starla McCabe took nude photos of the girl nude from the waist down and sold them.
Mommy spent time in jail earlier this year for Meth.  Big surprise huh?

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