Sunday, December 14, 2014

What I said, Fanning the Flames

It should be clear to everyone that we've entered into a period of irrational activism which really has no other goal than to create chaos.  In the news, cardboard cutouts of lynching victims hung by nooses around the Berkley campus.  Both the Brown and Garner cases occurred in places run by Democrats.  Do liberals no longer trust their own politicians?
From the ABC7 twitter feed
Honestly, the Berkley stunt is nothing new.  Social Justice Warriors, as they've come to be called, are naughty little trolls who delight in trying to create guilt among whites and men.  The college year had only begun when the first of these useless tools struck at Sweet Briar College, an all women's liberal art school in Virginia.
The student who hung “White Only” and “Colored” signs on doors and water fountains in a dormitory at Sweet Briar College last Thursday isn’t a racist – she’s a social justice crusader trying to “make a point.”
Did I mention that Sweet Briar College was women only?  I guess orgasms aren't the only thing they learn to fake there. Perhaps, at some time in the past, I might have accused liberals and their media cronies of turning over every stone looking for a racist boogey man.  Now they just create their own event. Oberlin College also comes to mind.  Here's a link to a list of more notable fake hate crimes at National Review online.  Number seven is my favorite.
"7. Last fall Vassar College was struck by a string of hateful remarks spray-painted on student residences, including “Fuck N*ggers” and “Hey Tranny, Know Your Place.” A few days after the university’s Bias Incident Response Team reported that multiple offenses had occurred on campus, the university announced that the perpetrators were actually two members of the Bias Incident Response Team."
There's a very twisted mentality at work here.  You can basically forget ' can't we all just get along' as long an the social justice thugs are at work.  Another notable story this week from The Daily Beast. 

After a tenured professor's tweets became increasingly vulgar and slanted toward violence MIT had the man committed for psychiatric evaluation.  Noel Jackson's online rants about the Ferguson incident began in August.
"Then—after a stream of non-stop tweeting—Jackson’s Twitter account went conspicuously silent. Five days later, he reappeared, saying he was doing well but had been placed in the hospital by MIT. “I was section 12'd by my employer.  This was the unexpected but not altogether unsurprising end to my experiment in excitable speech.”"
 Yeah, I guess some folks are just excitable.  Many of them, I suspect, are just waiting for something to come along so they can go off about it.  People who have no intention of discussing things in a reasonable manner.  Like a five year old they shout, 'it's not fair!'  And then in five year old fashion they act out and make a fuss.

Bias Incident Response Team - whatever!

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