Thursday, January 15, 2015

Guilty: Teacher Showed Obscene Movie To Students

"The jury convicted Sheila Kearns today of four counts of disseminating matter harmful to juveniles and acquitted her of one count." - The Columbus Dispatch
Kearns, a long term substitute Spanish teacher, showed The ABC's of Death to five classes.  Why?  Because, she said, several segments were in Spanish.  Sheila Kearns doesn't speak Spanish and is not required by state law to speak the language in order to teach it.  Please read the whole story here.

The movie in question depicts graphic violence and explicit sexual material.  Kearns claimed she had no knowledge of the content which is why she was acquitted of one count.  And while she could be sentenced to jail time it's not likely.

Did she make a mistake?  Yes, but that's what Democrats do.  In fact, she could be on the fast track to becoming our next Secretary of Education.  But I'm not even sure I would have fired her over this.  And when there are many cases of women teachers screwing their students and getting probation for it, jail time for this woman would be stupid.

“We were not able to find anyone who could teach the language at that time,” Warner said. “We have very, very few substitutes who are Spanish or foreign-language specialists. There just aren’t many of them out there.”
This is the real stupidity for me.  The state doesn't require 'long term substitutes' to know the language to teach it.  So, it seems to me, anyone could teach it.  So where the hell does Warner, a district spokesman, come up with foreign-language specialist?

As for the content of the film, the producer thought it was a joke when he heard about the case.  He did, however, say that it would be inappropriate to show The ABC's of Death to anyone under seventeen.

Yeah, Common Core is a bitch.

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