Sunday, January 18, 2015

Rule Five: Mary Jane and the Superheroes

There once was a man named Sam Rami and he made the best Spiderman films ever!
And Kirsten Dunst was the best ever Mary Jane.  Alas, I guess there's no going back.  As it stands right now about the only thing we know is that the next Spiderman film is slated for 2018.  Rumors are flying that Sony, who owns the film rights, and Marvel are working on a deal to bring Spiderman to the MCU.  If you saw Guardians of the Galaxy you know Sony seemed to get a lot of screen time.  If and when an announcement comes that the Webhead is going to be in an Avengers movie or something along those lines the world will stand still.

Fans are clamoring for a Black Widow movie but it doesn't seem likely.  The Avenger, played by Scarlett Johansson, was last seen in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

We're also not likely to see a Hawkeye solo movie but both characters will be in the upcoming Age of Ultron  and are likely to make many appearances leading up to the two part Avengers conclusion.  I don't speculate like a lot of fan blogs do.  It seems they throw out a hundred possibilities hoping that down the road they can claim to have been right.  But I will say that I don't believe the Avengers are going to destroy Ultron.  He may flee the planet and hmmm, join forces with Thanos? 

One comic book lady likely to get more screen time in the Marvel Universe is Jaimie Alexander.
Alexander plays Asgardian Lady Sif and will likely be a key figure in the third installment of Thor.  Beyond that I can only speculate but she may also get into the Avenger films as well.  I, for one, won't mind seeing her.

On the DC side of hero films the pickins are slim but not none.
Gal Gadot is slated to be our new Wonder Woman.  From what I've heard Chris Nolan has totally revamped the character.  The film, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, which wrapped photography last summer is scheduled for release in March 2016.  And yes I know Zak Snyder is directing but Nolan seems to be DC's creative mastermind.  The future fortunes of the DC film franchise are riding on this film. 
Anyway, hope you enjoyed the superhero film commentary and hey, check some of the girls too.

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