Saturday, January 10, 2015

Rule Five: Miss January & The Great Lakes Ice Coverage

Well, Miss January rolled into town last week and the frost hit the fan in just about the whole country.  And that got me to thinking about the historic levels of ice coverage on the Great Lakes last year.
According to this story at ice remained on the lakes longer this past year than it has in any other year since records started being kept forty years ago.  The ice in March reached the second highest coverage with 92% and the lakes weren't declared ice-free until mid-June.

"There are no years in the last 30 years that are even close to that, so it's very unusual this late in the season to have that much ice coverage," Lead Long-Range Forecaster Paul Pastelok said.
 You wouldn't think we'd have an ice problem in the middle of all this global warming, huh?  Sure, there are worse problems you could have unless it's Memorial Day Weekend at the beach on Lake Superior.

 If the media were trying to sell us Global Cooling this photo would have made the cover of Time magazine.  This picture was posted to Twitter by the fabulous Weather Channel twins, Stephanie Abrams.  Seriously, they're showing our school children Algore's Convenient Lie with mister polar bear on tiny piece of ice and it doesn't look like there's a shortage of ice from where I'm sitting.

Great Lakes ice cover developing; earliest in 40 years ... a headline announced this past November.  Where does one get a job watching ice develop?  I've got a pretty good eye for ice myself.  There was this girl back in school, Jeri Ann, buddy let me tell ya ...sorry completely off topic.  Anyway, last I checked, still looks fine.
No, not her!
So we had the second most ice on the lakes last year, it lasted longer than ever and it's back sooner.  Now I'm not saying all this ice is a problem but them United Nations iggits are having a conference in Paris this year about Global Warning the end result being a tax on us when we got more ice than we know what to do with.  Figuratively speaking, of course.

After spending the better part of this past week in the Midwest I can tell you this Global Warming ain't nothing but a bunch of hooey.  And I promise you come May I won't miss January a bit.

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