Friday, February 27, 2015

Corruption in Chicago DC

When members of a House committee looking into shenanigans at the IRS subpoenaed Lois Lerner for her emails she lied and everyone on the planet knew it.  Lerner claimed her hard drive had crashed and the backups were destroyed.
The dried up prune's hard drive may have crashed but the left-wing hack knew damn well there were backups.  Those backup tapes have been found and if you're just hearing this for the first time you can check up on the hilarity over at Twitchy.

The House of Representatives was looking into allegations that the IRS was playing games with the applications of conservative non-profits.  Allegations, considering all that has transpired, which must be true.  All of this is the result of a overwhelmingly far left bureaucracy which by its very nature is a criminal organization.

Have I overstated the problem with the Washington bureaucracy?  Hardly, there is a pattern of deception which should alarm every citizen of the republic.  If the bureaucrats refuse to be held accountable for their actions vis-à-vis  our elected representatives then we the people are at their mercy.
Left-wing EPA Pitbull Gina McCarthy
"Environmental Protection Agency administrator Gina McCarthy on Wednesday cited a similar cyber snafu during a House Oversight Committee hearing.
“Another missing hard drive?” Rep. Mark Meadows, R-NC, asked McCarthy.
She responded, “We are having trouble acquiring the data.”

You can get the whole story over at Fox News.  The short and sweet of it is that Congressional Oversight means making sure the EPA is acting on science.  So, once again, it appears that something else was going on.

So, tell me why you think it's a good idea for the FCC to regulate the internet as a utility?

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