Saturday, February 7, 2015

Obama: Lucifer's Mouthpiece

The totality of King Obama's speech at the National Prayer Club Breakfast took a few days to absorb.  This is the most arrogant son of bitch that I've ever seen.  The most evil man to ever rule this republic took to his high horse to chide people of faith over atrocities committed during the crusades and inquisition.  Atrocities, mister president, really?


"In Illinois, Obama voted three times against a bill, identical to the Born Alive Infant Protection Act supported at a federal level by ardent pro-aborts, that would require medical care for a baby who survives an abortion.

The bill was introduced after a nurse at an abortion mill testified that babies who survived abortions, and who could have survived if given medical care, were just left to die.  Apparently unconcerned about these born babies, Obama declared that the need to protect abortion was so grave that it would be wrong to require medical care for babies who survive since that might chip away at abortion "rights" -- even though the bill specifically stated that it would have no impact on a woman's right to an abortion."

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"If you like your policy, you can keep your policy."  I'm reminded of The Exorcist, don't listen to the demon, he lies!  Obama is an advocate for partial birth abortion, but preaches to people of faith about atrocities hundreds of years old.  Incredible.

Unable to call the scum that burned a Jordanian pilot alive terrorists, Obama the leader of a nation that has slaughtered millions of unborn children called ISIS a "death cult."

That's just ridiculous.

The president doesn't have a high horse but I'm positive he has a pale one.

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