Sunday, February 8, 2015

The EU's Gordian Knot

Multiple problems facing the European Union may bring about its demise.  Militarily weak, Europe isn't likely to stop Russian aggression in the Ukraine.  Huge debt in many member nations like Greece and a hostile immigrant population all threaten the stability of the union.  All of these problems are the result of liberal policies that promise heaven but deliver hell.

"In laying out his government’s program in a speech before Parliament, Mr. Tsipras sought to tread a line between satisfying coalition lawmakers and supporters that his government will honor the anti-austerity promises that brought it to power last month while reassuring creditors that his radical leftist administration is prepared to move toward a compromise that keeps the economy afloat without further burdening European taxpayers." - NY Times
My instincts tell me this man believes the EU and Greece's creditors are so afraid of a potential default that he can write his own deal.  His attitude is, 'what are you going to do about it?'  It's pretty sad when your only chip is your nation's outrageous debt.  He talks about raising the minimum wage and working with the labor unions which will drive government spending through the roof as so many of its citizen work for the government.  When unemployment is above 25% raising the minimum wage is like pouring gasoline on the fire, isn't it? 

Meanwhile, European diplomats and the French speaking John Kerry are scrambling to do something about the Ukrainian problem.  Putin knows these guys have no chips to play.  What's the U.S. going to do?  We can't even enforce our own borders!  The West's liberalism has drained its national treasuries and gutted its militaries.  Democrats in this country are forever linking any concession on their part to military cutbacks.  Do the Russians look like they want to sing kumbaya?

The liberal response to any international crisis - economic sanctions.  A proven success story.  What, no?   You can't blame them, they use economic sanction on the American people all the time.  Recession, raise taxes.  Drop in oil prices, raise the gasoline tax.  Everything going well, raise taxes.  If only Democrats could tax other countries, eh?

"The terrorist assault on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo on Jan. 7 may have been organized by al Qaeda’s affiliate in Yemen. But the attack, along with another at a Paris kosher market days later, was carried out by French Muslims descended from recent waves of North African and West African immigration. Well before the attacks, which left 17 dead, the French were discussing the possibility that tensions with the country’s own Muslim community were leading France toward some kind of armed confrontation. " - WSJ

From Breitbart
 None of these problems just happened.  These problems were created by liberals.  Will America wake up to the same problems the EU is facing?  Certainly.  Liberalism wins by creating government dependency and the U.S. is well along the wide road to Hell.

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