Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Guilt Tripping of America

The Chapel Hill shooting which left three people dead was all the media and our embarrassment of a President needed to, once again, mount their high horse and begin guilt tripping America.
In its rush to find Islamaphobia in America the media got it wrong yet again. They don't have the good sense to take my brother's advice and wait until we have the facts.  So for all you liberal bandwagon riders who hate your country and need to believe the worst in it, bite my hairy ass and read this.  The suspect is a godless atheist with serious anger management issues if you care to read the, liberal as hell, Huffington Post.  Right now it looks like he killed three people over a parking spot.

So it was just a redneck with a gun!!!

The story also points up that Hicks was a native of Illinois who had moved to North Carolina in 2005.  But he did have a few guns.

Meanwhile, our college campuses have become home to hate crime hoaxes.  There are websites dedicated to them.  So, it should be no big surprise that after news of the Chapel Hill shootings got out that we had a muslim student post a fake hate crime on Facebook.

"In a post that turned viral on Facebook, an apparent Muslim student named Ambreen Sharif claimed she was driving to campus on Feb. 11 when a white pickup truck decorated with “large Texas flags” began following her." - The Arlington Voice

Read the story yourself here.  But, it appears this is just one more liberal college student who can't resist fanning the flames.  It's a good cause I guess. Oh, I couldn't help myself.

I have to point out the Freudian slip here, it was a white pickup truck.  Remember the DC Sniper case when it was white guys in a white van.

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