Friday, February 6, 2015

The Man Who Drew Candy-O

Peruvian born Alberto Vargas, or simply Vargas, came to the U.S. in 1916 after studying art in Europe.  It is, perhaps, this formal study in Europe which makes his work stand out.  He's not simply someone who draws, he's a painter.  The hands and feet are natural and detailed.  And the feminine form superbly rendered.
The most cited of his works for Hollywood
Much of his early work was in Hollywood where he painted movie posters.  He later became famous for his WWII pin ups.  You can find all of this in his wiki.
The four year ordeal that was WWII was hard on America's young men who had never been out of the county, much less the country.  And pin up girls did much to raise their moral.  Of course, the boys were inspired to do a little art of their own.
Nose Art

"In 2004, Hugh Hefner, the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Playboy, who had previously worked for Esquire, wrote that "The US Post Office attempted to put Esquire out of business in the 1940s by taking away its second-class mailing permit. The Feds objected, most especially, to the cartoons and the pin-up art of Alberto Vargas. Esquire prevailed in the case that went to the Supreme Court, but the magazine dropped the cartoons just to be on the safe side".[3] A legal dispute with Esquire over the use of the name "Varga" resulted in a judgement against Vargas and he struggled financially until the 1960s when Playboy magazine began to use his work as "Vargas Girls." His career flourished and he had major exhibitions of his work all over the world."  - Wikipedia

Vargas had come to this country, an immigrant.  His work had become Americana.  In 1979 he was retired and at 83 he was asked to do a cover for The Cars. 
The magic was still there.  Vargas had created one of the most iconic album covers of all time.  Yes there are plenty of other pin up artists, but only Vargas could draw Candy - O.
The beauty of Vargas' work stands in stark contrast to the ugly pop culture today.  Today women are just ho's.  One only has to watch the antics of those like Miley Cyrus and realize, y'all done this to yourselves.

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