Saturday, February 28, 2015

Wesleyan University: 12 Hospitalized After Overdosing

According to the AP story at, the first victim was hospitalized in September and it was only when several more students OD'd last week that the dealers were arrested.

Eric Lonergan of Rio de Janeiro is one of four students arrested on drug distribution related charges.

"The club-drug overdoses, which sent a total of 12 people to hospitals, are likely to bring more scrutiny to drug policies on college campuses, including Wesleyan's, which have wrestled with how to approach enforcement and when to involve local police." - AP

When do we involve the police?  How about when a crime is committed?  Am I the only one thinking campus rape narrative here?  Why the Feds would encourage universities and colleges to treat any crime as an in house matter is beyond me.  Perhaps the police are less welcome on our nation's campuses than the ROTC.

Rama Agha Al Nakib was also arrested in connection to the overdoses.


Molly aka MDMA is a popular club drug and its distribution on the Connecticut campus of just over three thousand, was an open secret.  That this could have gone under the radar shouldn't be of that big of a surprise.  The high priced university has some very significant issues it is dealing with like maximum inclusivity of the queer alphabet.  Hey, they even have their own house!  I wonder what they do there?

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