Monday, March 23, 2015

Global Warming: No Tornadoes In March

No Tornado, Severe Thunderstorm Watches Yet in March Puts U.S. in 'Uncharted Territory'

If you believed all the stories of AGW creating more severe weather and it would only get worse then the story from The Weather Channel will having you scratching your head.  There have been no tornadoes or severe thunderstorms in the month of March and that has never happened since records have been kept.  As a Hollow Earth Denier I felt obligated to point this out.
This dearth in the usual spring weather will inevitably lead to a near orgasmic on air celebration at The Weather Channel when the first spring storms arrive.  Their glee will be short lived and in a couple of months you can start watching them as they pray for a hurricane, on the air.  Am I being too cynical?

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