Sunday, March 15, 2015

In The Noose: Florida Round Up

Back in February a Florida deputy spotted Kayla Gregg passed out in her car with the engine running.  Gregg was only partially clad with a breast exposed and her skirt hiked up to her waist.  When the stripper opened her purse to get her ID the officer noticed that she had a lot of drugs.  Cocaine, Oxy, Morphine and a smoking pipe.  Later Kayla, 23, told the officer the drugs were for the back pain she suffered from as the result of being an adult dancer.

Well, don't do that!

Naked Woman Stops Traffic To Masturbate In Front Of A Car: Police

"A nude Florida woman who cops say was on "heavy" drugs Sunday night allegedly stopped traffic to masturbate in front of a couple's car, then climbed onto the hood." - HuffPo

Nude Florida woman, those words were meant to go together.  Amie Carter was eventually hauled away with her feet kicking in the air.   Once again I want to remind you that I have to check up on stories like this to make sure the ex hasn't stopped taking her meds.


Shakara Martin, Naked Florida Woman, Arrested After 'Scaring People' At Dunkin' Donuts

Scaring people away, I could see that.  Anyway, the naked woman, according to the Huffington Post, sits down at a table outside the West Palm store and starts chatting up a man who was already sitting there.  The police get called and so forth then they say she claimed she did this as part of a sorority pledge.  Martin is thirty-two.

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