Sunday, March 8, 2015

In The Noose: A Weekend Wrap Up

EPA pit bull Gina McCarthy,whose hard drives also fail from time to time, went before Congress for increased funding and got a good spanking for her effort.
Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions took McCarthy to task for pursuing regulations not supported by sound science.  McCarthy was unable to answer the most basic questions about climate change to justify her agency's agenda.  What used to be considered healthy skepticism was immediately attacked by the lunatic left Kool-Aid drinkers.

"The cringe-inducing questioning by Sessions amounted to a series of “gotchas” aimed at an EPA administrator who not only isn’t a scientist but who obviously wasn’t going to prepare for a budget hearing by memorizing responses to all possible climate contrarian arguments. " - Puneet Kollipara @ WaPo

According to her Wiki McCarthy has a BA in Social Anthropology and a joint Master of Science in Health Engineering, Planning and Policy. Gina has worked in the Environmental field for decades and every time she goes before Congress the one thing she lacks is credible science.  It's those rascally hard drives Puneet!

Kentucky's Mitch McConnell further frustrated the insane climate change crowd by advising states to ignore the Administration's carbon regulations on power plants.

The incredible lack of transparency continues at every turn.
There's not a lot I can add to the Clinton email crimes except to once again point out the lack of transparency and the contempt the Left has for we the people.  But to hear the left wing manure spreader, David Brock, tell it no rules were broken.  He's apparently the go to guy for CNN when the indefensible must be defended.
If somehow you missed the Clinton email story it's just more of the same lack of accountability.  As Sec. State Clinton used a private server for her emails, a tactic to avoid Freedom of Information requests and inquiries by Congress.  Not only was this apparently a breach of protocol but it may also have been a crime.  It's highly unlikely Hillary would be prosecuted when the left-wing media is all too willing to climb into the sewer with her and brand anyone brave enough to question her honesty as mean.  So the beat goes on; no transparency and no accountability.

The Hypocrisy over Netanyahu's Speech 

The first notable thing is an organized Democratic response which bordered on hysteria.  Powerlineblog has a nice compendium of leftwing rants.  Why would Democrats freak out over a speech to Congress by the Israeli Prime Minister?

Obama-tied operatives hit anti-Netanyahu campaign trail in Israel

Democrats want a Yes Man in Israel and the underhanded, double dealing, sneaky bastards cannot stoop low enough to get what they want.  Hasn't this administration mucked around enough in the Middle East?  And all the boo hooing over undermining the president's foreign policy should fall on deaf ears.  In reading about this at The Other McCain he reminded me via Hot Air that in 2007, when Bush was getting tough with Syria's Assad, Pelosi rounded up a few lefty buddies and flew over to comfort the same dictator that Obama now seeks to oust.
Is it any big surprise that the former speaker acted so rudely while the Prime Minister spoke?  Isn't all this hokum about protocol just a little much when democRATS fly out to meet our nation's enemies?  I ask you, who more overtly insulted the sitting President?

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