Sunday, March 15, 2015

In The Noose: Your Weekend Wrap Up

Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act

A law passed after Katrina to create a fund for Gulf states is in danger of being diverted by his majesty King Obama.  The revenue comes from companies operating oil platforms in the Gulf and is used in preventing beach erosion among other things.  Notably, the Feds already get most of the money.

Senate May Delay Vote on Lynch until Anti-Trafficking Bill is Done

This is certainly the item to keep an eye on in the coming week.  Democrats objection over abortion funding in the bill borders on ridiculous.

Clinton Email Story Leaked From White House

If true, this story from The New York Post could mark the public beginning of a war within the Democratic elite. 

Protester charged with shooting officers in Ferguson

I was shocked but not surprised when I heard that two police officers were shot in Ferguson earlier this past week.  And immediately all the usual suspects began blaming an outside agitator.  The man being charged with the shootings has been seen at several of the protests  and as such is hardly an outside agitator.

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