Saturday, March 21, 2015

In The Noose:Spring Break Wrap Up

A 21 y.o. woman has fallen to her death from a seventh floor balcony on Padre Island.  It seems like we have to hear this story every year and it never gets easier.

Panama City Beach officers became concerned about a young girl whose picture appeared on social media.  The young woman was completely naked except for a large collection of Mardi Gras type beads around her neck.  Authorities publicly asked that the girl contact them so they could make sure that she wasn't victimized.  It is now being reported that she has contacted officials and that she is okay.
According to Guinness, the world's largest bikini parade occurred in August 2012 in ...

Hannity is sending a reporter to Panama City Beach again this year but may not be very welcome.  Local bar owners blame the show for new ordinances which force them to close at two instead of four.
A twenty y.o. Georgia man died earlier in the week in Panama City Beach.  The Warner Robbins man was reported missing by friends and later found in the deep end of pool.  Police think alcohol may have been a factor.

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