Sunday, March 1, 2015

Islamophobia is Responsible for Radicalization

"The teacher, Adil Charkaoui, told a news conference in Montreal that anti-Muslim sentiment in Quebec is to blame for alienating Muslim students, not his classes, where he said only Arabic, the Koran and "basic notions" are taught."

That quote is from a News Week story just a couple of days ago.  Charkaoui is a Moroccan born immigrant living in Canada and as you may gather from the story the bullshit is strong with this one.

""I'm stunned by the twisted logic of the spokespersons of the two (colleges) and the pseudo-experts that are blaming radicalization of young people for what has happened," he added, noting that his school does not support Islamic State." - from News Week

Twisted logic, please enlighten me.  And, of course, what has happened is that a bunch of young Canadians have escaped the oppression in Canada to join ISIS.  It's all our fault.  Everything is always our fault.  The European west is bad and oppressive and just why the hell did these people come here?
Adil Charkaoui from News Week
If Obama had a son, but I digress.  Let me point out that it now appears that we have a bunch of folks showing up on our shores with a list of demands.  Charkaoui is struggling against Islamophobia.  Our western societies are depriving these people of their rights.  Religious Freedom!  Can we pray in our schools?  Have a nativity on the public square?  Charkaoui goes on to accuse the good people of Quebec of the worst crime imaginable, copying France! 

European Human Rights Court Upholds France's Burqa Ban

In 1951 the state of Georgia passed anti-mask legislation.  The goal was to curb the anonymous domestic terror of the Klu Klux Klan.  While the muslims would certainly claim that burqas are a part of their religion, in my mind public safety trumps any such claim.

Boko Haram terrorists caught after disguising themselves as women... but not shaving their beards off

Adil Charkaoui's claim that islamophobia is creating radicalized youths in western countries reminds me of Tim Burton's Batman when the Joker tells Batman, 'you created me.'  A statement intended to confuse Batman's ethics.  But the Joker had murdered Wayne's parents in front of him, no less, and so it was in fact the Joker who had created Batman.
Peace loving people should feel no guilt over those steps which are necessary to maintain the peace.  Nor should the peaceful allow themselves to be conflicted by the words of those who regard anyone not of their faith as infidels.  It is their faith which compels them to lie to us.  While they claim to be oppressed in our countries observe how people of other faiths are treated in theirs.  These people have no right to come to our countries and impose upon us their draconian customs.  Worship as you wish in your home and your mosques but you should not have come here if you are unwilling to abide by our laws.

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