Thursday, March 26, 2015

Murder He Wrote

A Texas middle school student has stirred up a lot of trouble with a book he published online.  In his book he describes in graphic detail murdering and sexually assaulting his classmates and parents are up in arms that he has been allowed back in school.

The eighth grader's book, Killing Children, alarmed many parents who kept their children home when they learned he was in class again. As many as 170 students missed school last Monday because parents feared for the safety of their children.

The online book became a volatile issue because it graphically described the stabbings and sexual assaults of other students by name, including entries that described cutting off hair, stabbing tongues, using scissors to puncture jaws, and stabbing a boy so that “his insides spill out.” - Breitbart Texas
The police are looking into the matter while school officials say their hands are tied because the book was written when the boy wasn't in school or on school property. The student's father claims it's all a misunderstanding and that his son would never hurt anyone.

To the school officials in the North Texas ISD I'd like to suggest you have a drill team running around Tidwell Middle School with red flags and that your greater responsibility is the safety of the children in that school.  The parents of any child who writes a book detailing the slaughter and sexual assault of his classmates need to understand that in this day and age there will be repercussions.

It's common for mass murderers to post things to the internet before acting on their impulses.  I'm not saying this child will ever hurt anyone because I cannot know that but then neither can the school.  What I am saying is that the parents who are protesting and keeping their children out of school have every right to be concerned.  They are not the problem here.

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