Monday, March 30, 2015

Obama's Foreign Policy Sleight of Hand

I'm often infuriated by talk radio hosts who seem to completely miss the target on Obama's foreign policy.  So, let's pull back the curtain on this little dog and pony show that has become America's foreign policy.
The Bergdahl swap wasn't about Bergdahl at all.  It was about the president having the thinnest excuse possible to hand over to his new friends the five Gitmo detainees.  New friends?  You know, the guys he supported in the Arab Spring.  The Muslim Brotherhood thugs he armed in Egypt.  The Syrian rebels who were just another band of jihadists.  The thinnest excuse possible.
The Iranian Nuclear talks aren't about the nukes.  These talks are about removing the sanctions that have been placed on Iran.  I'm fed up with talk show host talking about the IAEA and how this is a path for Iran to have a bomb in 10 years.  Iran will get the bomb anyway because they refuse to comply with any agreement.  The only way to prevent Tehran from acquiring the bomb is to destroy their capacity for building such a device.

The talks are about an administration which claims the Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam accommodating the Iranian regime.  These two instances fit a pattern which includes the administration's support for the Arab Spring.  In case you haven't noticed the Arab Spring increased Iranian power in the region by reducing the influence of other nations in the region.  Egypt is still recovering, Libya is in total chaos, and Syria is under siege by Obama backed fighters.

The Obama administration is looking for the thinnest excuse he can give our allies to lift the sanctions on Iran.  That's it and that's all.

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