Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Obama's Predictable Failure: Israel

Obama's underhanded stab to unseat a foreign leader has failed.  The President of the United States of America sent operatives to Israel to spur support for the left wing candidates and they failed.  Liberals were looking to get a yes man in Israel and got a 'Hell No' from the Israeli people.  Predictable the media in this country is trying to turn the focus from Obama's failure and try to convince people here that Netanyahu's victory is a bad thing.

"Netanyahu's controversial stance appears to have paid off at home. Thought to be in danger of being voted out of office just a few days ago, the Likud emerged as the largest party in parliament when near-final results trickled in Wednesday, leaving it in position to lead the next coalition government. But the comments may have reinforced a belief in many world capitals that Netanyahu isn't serious about peace." - ABC News
As opposed to whom is serious about peace, Iran? The left wants a two state solution with East Jerusalem as the Palestinian capitol.  But Israel has given up land before that has been used to launch attacks upon Israeli citizens.  And who has been supplying the weapons for those attacks, Iran.  And it is with Iran that Obama wants to make a deal.

"Benjamin Netanyahu “mortgaged the future” to win his reelection, former White House adviser David Axelrod says, blasting the Israeli prime minister’s reversal on a two-state solution with respect to Palestine."
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Axelrod was on MSNBC, itself a failure. But I repeat myself.  The Middle East was more peaceful before Obama who apparently is chasing the apocalypse like his Iranian buddies.

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