Monday, March 9, 2015

Tucson's Legal Battle With Homeless Camp

Tucson's trendy downtown area is now home to a growing homeless encampment according to several sources including The Boston Globe.

"City officials point to the human and dog excrement left behind on city sidewalks. They say the wooden pods restrict walking space." - The Boston Globe

You can't really have a story about a homeless camp without excrement can you?  The homeless have set up camp on a one acre city park and are accusing city leaders of unfairly criminalizing them.

Is there any doubt in anyone's mind that if a Republican were in the White House Wolfe Blitzer would be all over this story with Anderson Cooper reporting live?  But with King Obama in office and a thriving economy it's, move along folks nothing to see here.
This started off in 2011 as the Occupy camp according to Reuters and apparently camp leader Jon McLane has been living there ever since.  McLane and his flock call their enterprise a protest camp to give it pseudo-legitimacy in the courts and now there are about 80 people sleeping in the park in coffin-like boxes, called Dreaming Pods, as well as in sleeping bags which line city sidewalks.

Everyone has rights including the citizens of Tucson.  A small city park where office workers might take lunch outdoors, gone.  And what do these people do when not sleeping in the park?  Do citizens who work and contribute to the building of a community have no right to safety and decorum?

Police raided the camp this past week and arrested McLane, a former Iraq war veteran, and five others on drug charges after undercover officers made purchases in the camp.  Perhaps McLane, who was popped for weed, should move his protest to Colorado.

Yep, it's all fun and games until someone's 14 year-old daughter is kidnapped and ritualistically raped for nine months, then it's a failure of the government and courts to protect the law abiding citizens.

Camp leader, really Jon?

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