Friday, April 3, 2015

A Lawless Rule Five

Lucy Lawless as Xena

"Hell yeah," I said sitting up in my chair.  Izzy Hartley, Agent of Shield, was laying waste to an army of Hydra goons.  It was Lawless at her action hero best and it was a bit of a surprise. Izzy Hartley appeared to have died in the first episode of season two but fans got another dose of the two fisted agent thanks to a flashback in the most recent showing.  If Marvel found a way to bring back Izzy the fans would be ecstatic, which is a bit weird since most of these shows rely on the young and impossibly attractive types.
Lawless, now 47, isn't likely to become a regular on the Marvel production due to her busy schedule.  But one can always dream.  Since becoming a cult icon as Xena, Lawless has gone on to other projects and kept quite busy while finding time for a family.  One of her most prominent roles has been that of Lucretia in the Spartacus franchise.

Lucy Lawless from Spartacus

Marvel Fans may have to wait a while longer to see Izzy again but I suspect the show's producers know that Lawless is a fan favorite.

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