Friday, April 10, 2015

Democrats Are Cowards And Obama Is Their Leader

What would you think if a group of people stood around and did nothing while someone was beaten up on a public street?  If a woman was being raped by a group of men while others stood by and did nothing what would you think of the onlookers who didn't try and stop it? Like it or not, that is where we are as a nation.  This is where we've been taken by Obama, Democrats, and the left's propaganda machine disguised as the nation's news organizations.
When every credible military source warned that pulling our troops out of Iraq would lead to a rise in terrorist activity Obama did it anyway to appease his party's peaceniks.  But I've covered all this before.
"The Obama administration, in a statement released by press secretary Josh Earnest late Sunday, called the killing of the 21 Egyptian men a “despicable and cowardly murder” that should accelerate the need for a political resolution to the burgeoning conflict in Libya." - Politico.Com
So there we are on the street corner watching somebody get murdered and when it's all done and the blood is running in the streets we'll release a dispatch calling them bad names.  And this pathetic waste of human flesh that masquerades as our president doesn't even mention that they were Christians.  Big surprise?  Not really,  We know that Democrats hate Christians.  Indiana, anyone?  And we know Obama disparages Christians at every opportunity.

Why do I say these things?  Yazidi girls, some as young as ten, have been sold like livestock and gang raped in public by IS fighters and our president opened the door to this. Democrats and their media mouthpieces opened the door to this with their peacenik pretzel logic.

The U.S. has lost allies and credibility in the Middle East under Obama's watch and things are only getting worse. Italy is begging the U.N. for action in Libya while Obama's actions in Syria are being questioned by our few remaining allies in the region.

Perhaps I haven't stated the problem accurately by saying that Obama and the Democrats are like the onlookers of a public gang rape.  It's beginning to look as if they turned this mob loose on the innocent people of the Middle East. Why?  I couldn't tell you why anyone would do such a heartless thing but it's looking less and less accidental every day.

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