Monday, April 20, 2015

Florida Teacher Busted Selling LSD

A third grade teacher in St. Cloud Florida has been busted for selling acid and Xanax to an undercover officer.  Cheryl Heineman, 45, was arrested after an undercover officer called her twenty year old lover, Jack Lindsey, and asked to buy drugs.  Lindsey replied that he would send his girl.
Drug dealing lovers - allegedly
Other sources have reported that Heineman had begun as a non-teacher employee with the district in 1990 and later earned a degree and became a teacher.

According to the UK Daily Mail, Heineman is married and has three sons.  Police believe she was Lindsey's lover and acted as his driver for the drug transactions which typically took place in the parking lots of area businesses.  Police began looking into Lindsey's activities after a informant told them he was dealing drugs.  Police then made several buys which were video taped.

Sin has a way of luring you into deeper and deeper water.  Just a little bit at a time until you finally begin to drift away.  She may say she made a mistake or that she made poor choices, but none of that is true.  Cheryl gave into sin.  She thought only of herself.  And now her family will suffer.  A third grade class will miss their teacher.  Such are the wages of sin.

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