Saturday, April 4, 2015

In The Noose: The Week In Review

How Skinny Is Too Skinny

You might think the French would have more important things to worry about but fashion is big business in Paris.  So this week a bill designed to  protect models from fashion houses that demand the drug addict look passed its first legislative hurdle.  All in the name of big fashion.

China Steps Up And Rescues Foreign Nationals From Yemen

With fighting nearing the port city of Aden several governments asked the Chinese to help in evacuating their personnel.  A Chinese missile frigate took aboard 122 people, including children, from 10 different nations.  The frigate which was in Aden to evacuate Chinese personnel had been in the area conducting anti-piracy operations.

Gov. Pence signs revised Indiana religious freedom bill into law

The anti-Christian bullies have won the day after a week long hate fest.  Note to Tim Cook, hypocritical pig at large: I will never own a Apple product as long as I live.

Pretending There's An Upside To A Deal With Iran

The Obama administration is celebrating an agreement to a basic outline of a deal with Iran? That's pretty desperate but as I've said all along this is really about Obama doing his damnedest to help his buddies in Tehran get economic sanctions lifted.

California Man Sentenced To 18 Years For Revenge Porn

Kevin Bollaert ran a Revenge Porn site that not only posted naughty pictures but also personal information.  Some victims were blackmailed which took this case to a higher level.  Of course many of the victims posed for those pictures willingly but let's not shame the victims.  Silly girls.

Elementary School Teacher Busted For Sex With Minors

Oh you silly Girl.  Police arrested Kourtnie Sanchez, 25, on a number of charges related to inappropriate conduct with minors.  Sanchez also coached older children and there is no word whether the alleged victims are students or children she coached.

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