Sunday, April 12, 2015

In The Noose: Week In Review

Rand Paul is running for President.  And the very well reared Savannah Gutherie immediately drew him out with the most important question of the day about abortion.  Really, Savannah are you all butt and no brain?

Hillary announces her presidential bid after a sit down dinner with left wing reporters to discuss their strategy.  Clinton would turn 69 the week before the election.

Obama embraces Castro while Iran deal comes apart in public.

Two students in Alabama have been arrested on sex assault charges stemming from spring break in Panama City Beach, Florida.  Police say that a video of the assault turned up while they were investigating a shooting and other arrests may be in the offing. 

Emily Michelle Rogers, 22, was arrested for sex between an educator and student. Police in Texas say she boinked a student at Christmas. Ho Ho Ho

Meanwhile in North Carolina, teacher Caron 'Crazy Eyes' Blanton has turned herself in to serve 20 days after pleading guilty to sending inappropriate pictures and videos to teen students.  She will have to register as a sex offender for 30 years.

Iran Deploys Warships Off Yemen's Coast.  Tehran seems determined to raise the stakes in the Yemeni crisis which has the potential to become a wider conflict.  Meanwhile in Jamaica President Obama told kids, "None of us can afford to take a day off."  The number of days Obama has golfed as of February 16th is 219.  Factoid courtesy Gateway Pundit.

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