Monday, April 27, 2015

Mommie Dearest

“She was laying out on the ground and she took her pants off and she was laying there with no pants on,” a neighbor said. “She was making these weird noises. She grabbed her son and stuck him up to her breast. She was just out of line.”
According to the story by WJAC when police arrived at the Johnstown, PA home Ashley Whisman's speech was slurred and her arms were covered in track marks.  Police say they found drugs and drug paraphernalia hidden in her 3 y.o.'s toys.  The toddler said he was very hungry. 

Almost unbelievably, the story is more horrific than the mug shot.  Last year the bodies of seven infants were discovered in Huntsman's former home.  Huntsman claims that she felt unable to care for more children due to her meth addiction so shortly after birth she killed them and placed their bodies in small boxes she then hid in her garage. Apparently this was easier than taking birth control or keeping her legs together.  Judge Darold McDade has no sympathy for the Utah mother and gave her a sentence of 30 to life.  Huntsman has three living children who should count themselves lucky to be alive.

After pumping some gas into the car Marilyn got behind the wheel and crashed into some bushes nearby.  Leah had a needle in her hand when paramedics arrived.  Leah's 2 year old daughter was in a car seat in back and more paraphernalia was found in the baby's diaper bag.  I'm sure a feminist somewhere can blame all of this on the patriarchy.

April Corcoran, 30, according to police dropped her 11 year old daughter off at the home of a 41 year old accused drug dealer in exchange for drugs.  Twice.  Corcoran and Shandell Willingham will hopefully spend the rest of their days in a cage.

Nicole said she found her daughter in a back bedroom: "There she was, my daughter, my friend's daughter, her nephew, another boy, and the child who lived in the home all there in bed together and that’s how we found out."
It's the cool mom thing.  Jessica Krugman is facing 17 counts of being a cool mom after hosting a series of wild sleepovers dating back to 2013.

Rachel Lynn Lehnardt, 35, of Evans Georgia (think Augusta) had one hell of a night, allegedly I hasten to add.  According to reports Lehnardt began drinking when she separated from her husband, an Iraqi war vet.  Awww.
According to police earlier this month while the other four children were with their father Rachel and her 16 year old daughter threw a wild party during which Lehnardt allowed the children to smoke pot and drink alcohol.  After a round of naked Twister with the kids in the living room Rachel adjourned to the bathroom to play hide the sausage with an 18 year old. Still horny the 35 year old poonslinger gathered up her sex toys and gave a live demonstration to the wide eyed teens.  Later the fun continued with some naked hot tub fun. Then, she claims, she woke up with her daughter's 16 year old boyfriend doing the wild thang thinking it was the 18 year old from earlier in the evening. Whatever mom.

I saw that her daughter took to Twitter to defend her mom saying, everyone makes mistakes.  This sort of willful misconduct is hardly a mistake.  In our permissive and tolerant society you often find the worst of the worst quoting Jesus, Judge not lest ye be judged.  Funny how they run for the cover of the Bible, isn't it?  But the verse was not a prohibition, it is a warning that you would be judged by the same measure.  Jesus, I believe, was talking about the petty sort of judgments that we can make.  The sort of judgments that breed resentfulness.  He meant for us to get along not to ignore crime.

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