Thursday, April 2, 2015

Obama: Hapless Victim In Foreign Policy

All too often I'm reading or listening to a Democratic Talking Points Media Outlet and start shaking my head at the complete dishonesty of the author.  Such was the case this morning when I began to read a Washington Post story on Obama's foreign policy.
Much of President Obama’s foreign policy agenda has been foisted upon him during his six years in office. He inherited two wars, in Iraq and Afghanistan, neither of which he’s been able to end. He’s had to react to chaos in the Middle East and a Russian incursion in Ukraine.
Realistically it's a given that any President is inheriting a situation from the previous administration.  Ronald Reagan didn't just inherit from Jimmy Carter.  Anyone old enough to remember the 70's would have to confess that those years were some of the darkest, as far as our government, in US history.  In fact, I would say that Reagan took office after a rocky period that began with the assassination of JFK.  But here in the first paragraph of this piece from Greg Jaffe we get this sad little fiddle of how bad it was for BHO.  Pass me a tissue.

There was hardly a war in Iraq when BHO took office.  The build up had been a success and our troops were essentially in peace keeping mode, until the jihadist's best friend pulled them out.  The chaos in the Middle East the author points up also has BHO's finger prints all over it.  Obama gave material support to Arab Spring fighters who ousted Egypt's Mubarak, left Libya a chaotic mess while he continues to arm fighters in Syria.
Add to all of this the alienation of the Israeli government and I'm not all busted up over the President's plight.  Maybe one day Mr. Jaffe will have a mind of his own.

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