Monday, April 20, 2015

Presidential Considerations

As the 2016 field begins to populate with candidates I thought I would take the time to flesh out for you, the reader, where my thoughts are and where I am likely to end up.

Not Even A Consideration

Darth Vader has nothing on Hillary Clinton.  Anyone willing to take the least of time and read about the White Water Scandal will see that Mrs. Clinton was heavily involved.  It is reasonable to assume that she hid subpoenaed documents involved in the investigation.  Then there's Travelgate and Filegate; so it should be of no surprise that she kept a private server as Secretary of State and was less than forthcoming in the Benghazi investigation.

It seems unlikely that Clinton will be the Democratic nominee.  As I see it now no Democrat could ever get my vote and further I believe that the party has veered into such radical waters they could lose their base.  

The abortion debate has turned a corner and you must listen carefully to what democrats are saying.  Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz has stated emphatically that her party's position is that there should be no restrictions at all on abortion.  The same Daily Caller story points out that the most recent Gallop survey says only 28% of Americans supports abortion under any circumstance.  In recent years Republicans have battled democrats over legislation to protect born alive babies that were the result of botched abortions.  What I'm getting at is that rabid activist democrats support a position on abortion that is out of line with mainstream voters.  And democrat's answers don't add up.  The government is involved with many areas of healthcare and the very idea that the abortion industry is above regulation is absurd.

Another loser for the Democrat party is the insane LGBT activism.  People, we have moved far beyond gay marriage.  This is a tyranny.

Houston's Lesbian Mayor Annise Parker

When Houston's mayor oversaw the passage of an expansion of the special privileges for gays and transgenders it ignited a firestorm.  Generally unpopular, citizens and pastors started a petition drive to put the ordinance on the ballot.  The lesbian mayor responded by subpoenaing the sermons and other presentations made by area pastors which concerned her ordinance.  An overt move to silence her critics political speech.  If you don't have a problem with men, who identify as women, using the women's bathroom - vote democrat.

Wait.  Before you do that, step over to The Other McCain where you will learn that male sex offenders like to identify as women, something which even alarms radical feminists.

These are just some of the reasons I cannot vote for a democrat.  In his first campaign Obama claimed he didn't support gay marriage.  Once in office he changed his mind?  Be real, the man was always down for the struggle.  Obama has populated his administration with some of the most radical lefties to come down the pike.  He was never mainstream America.  So, if some democrat emerges claiming not to champion the most extreme agendas of the left I cannot take them at their word.

As Republicans announce their intention to seek the Presidency I will evaluate them by the Buckley Rule.  Already, I can tell you that I don't wish to see Jeb get the nomination.

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