Friday, May 29, 2015

Mother of star student shackled over attendance

Although her ten year old son Sam was Student of the Month, Julia Giles was arrested and shackled because he had missed twelve days of school during the year.  According to a story at HLN Giles could face seven months in jail and a seven hundred dollar fine.
Giles said that she had kept Sam at home on one occassion because of a stomach bug and felt it unreasonable to have to take him to the doctor and pay a copay just for a note.

There are so many levels of wrong in this story that it's hard to know where to start. How would other parents feel about a child being sent to school sick simply because the parents could not afford a trip to the doctor for a stomach ailment? Attendance is important but are authorities justified in arresting the parent of a child who appears to be a top performer?

Giles and her husband are considering other education options for their son including home schooling and relocating.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday's In The Noose: Middle East Malfeasance

Malfeasance: illegal or dishonest activity especially by a public official or corporation.

The lies this week from the anti-American Democratic establishment are so outrageous they demand rebuttal. In truth, the national media has been working overtime for several years to rehabilitate the public's opinion of Barack Obama's Middle East missteps. Central to this narrative is a series of disconnected dots that lead to the disingenuous conclusion that George W. Bush created ISIS. That idea is completely absurd but totally convenient for a corrupt media desperate to salvage the legacy of a failed presidency.  
Obama: Hapless Victim in Foreign Policy. In early April I took issue with another opinion piece that portrayed our half witted president as a total victim of past policies six years into his presidency. The idiocy behind these claims are readily apparent. One only has to look at the Middle East before and after the anointment of Barack Obama.

The Deceitful Treachery of Barack Obama

In that February post I quoted Alan Dershowitz, a liberal democrat, who made the case that it had been a mistake for Obama to support the Arab Spring. Barack Obama took the occasion of the Arab Spring to arm fighters across the Middle East and North Africa. Reading that February post you will find that our president bypassed the congress into order to give The Muslim Brotherhood $1.5 billion in assistance.
It's no big secret that Obama has been arming fighters in Syria for years and he is continuing to do so. So, big surprise, Islamic State is on a roll in Syria and has captured Palmyra. Oh, and please remember that Islamic State has nothing whatsoever to do with Islam. Talk about a tactical lie, huh?
Power breeds arrogance and Obama's arrogance is absolute. Without a honest media that accurately reports on the president's activity we have an environment conducive for a despot and Obama is perfectly suited for the role. He jumped on the Arab Spring in 2010 supplying arms to militants and one year later removed our troops from a stabilized Iraq. Bush didn't do that. Neocons didn't do that. The man who did this is either an incompetent boob or a traitorous democrat. Or quite possibly both.
In a May 3rd New York Times article former Deputy Director CIA Michael J. Morrell faulted intelligence and not President George W. Bush's administration for WMD information concerning Iraq.
“The view that hard-liners in the Bush administration forced the intelligence community into its position on W.M.D. is just flat wrong,” he writes. “No one pushed. The analysts were already there and they had been there for years, long before Bush came to office.”
That quote from the NYT story is apparently from Morrell's new book The Great War Of Our Time. It's interesting today when the left wing media is playing political gotcha with Republican presidential hopefuls by asking the now famous, if you knew now regarding Iraq. Morrell seems to miss the target with his assessment of the Benghazi attack.
"But he concludes that the assault in which the ambassador was killed took place “with little or no advance planning” and “was not well organized.” He says the attackers “did not appear to be looking for Americans to harm. They appeared intent on looting and conducting some vandalism,” setting fires that killed Mr. Stevens and a security official, Sean Smith." - NYT
To say that an attack on a US Embassy on the anniversary of 9/11 was not intended to harm US personnel seems wrong.  That's just my opinion but it doesn't seem to pass the stink test. Recently released information from the State Department is also at odds with Morrell's report.
"The attack was planned ten or more days prior on approximately 01 September 2012. The intention was to attack the consulate and to kill as many Americans as possible to seek revenge for U.S. killing of Aboyahiye ((ALALIBY)) in Pakistan and in memorial of the 11 September 2001 atacks on the World Trade Center buildings." - JW
That quote is pulled from a Judicial Watch article after they won a lawsuit under FIA. I strongly urge you to read the information that JW has lifted from those documents. In it al Qaeda is said to have been moving weapons stockpiles from Libya to Syria and if you know anything about war you know it requires logistics. At any rate, I failed to see George W. Bush's name mentioned in any of these documents.

George W. Bush took terrorists seriously.  Barack Obama referred to ISIS as the junior varsity. Barack Obama continues to supply weapons to fighters in Syria he deems moderates.  Seriously, moderates? God help us all.

Teacher Jennifer Caswell Blames Fling With Student On Ex

I recall reading the first reports on this story. Jennifer (then) Sexton, 27, an Oklahoma middle school teacher was busted with a fifteen year old boy in a Mississippi motel. My first thought was, isn't that kidnapping?
Now the former teacher has gone on Dr. Phil and, according to a story at The Daily Caller, blames her slutty behavior on her ex-husband. I know! I almost fell out of my chair too. As a former Boy Scout I am always prepared and now have seat belts installed on my desk chair to use when I'm Googling Teacher Arrested stories.

"The boy was the aggressor, Caswell insisted to Dr. Phil. He constantly flirted with the teacher, complimented her and showered her with affection." - Daily Caller
Translation, he looked at her and stuff.  It's the same old song and dance from a teacher exposed as a slut. You're to believe this woman who drove a boy to a motel in Olive Branch Mississippi for sex is a paragon of virtue who now wants to come clean about the whole thing. Except, she's not accepting any of the responsibility for her misconduct.

"Caswell felt undesirable, she said, because her seven-year marriage was going badly at the time (when she was known as Jennifer Sexton)."
Translation, after seven years she wasn't giving the old man any and had begun to fantasize about the young stuff. Again, check out the story at The Daily Caller. She says her husband was coming home from work, talking with friends on the phone and playing Xbox. Translation, her husband had grown tired of begging her for sex and these are the things he was doing to keep the peace.

I once dated a woman who after a couple of dates decided to tell me why she got divorced. Her husband, she said, came home from work every night, ate dinner and after watching some TV went off to bed. But she wanted excitement. She wanted to party, you know? And I had to move the hell on.

A successful wife finds ways to keep the marriage going. The marriage itself has value to a good woman. And a good wife can lure her man away from the XBox anytime she wants IFYKWIMAIKTYD.

Finally, if you are even a somewhat attractive woman and you're around teenage boys be prepared for them to look at you and stuff. If that is too much temptation for you then please seek professional help before you ruin someone else's child.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Rule Five Sex In Advertising

"From a marketing point of view, sexuality can have biological, emotional/physical or spiritual aspects." - Wikipedia
I don't know about you but I'm digging on the spiritual aspect.  The one thing that can't be disputed is that sex sells. From attractive women at trade shows handing out samples to the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Edition sex equals CHA CHING. And it's not just the guys that are looking.
Candice Swanepoel
Guys have you ever wondered why it is that when you're out with friends the women go to the bathroom together? They're showing off their boobs to one another. Scouts Honor, my ex-wife gave me the low down on the whole deal! The point I'm making is that women look at other women and marketing gurus have known this for a long time.

Yes, Big Tobacco was targeting women with these ads and Cheryl Tiegs was their weapon of choice.  Attractive women selling other women anything from housewares to designer jeans. So it sounds a bit phony to me when some women complain about sex in advertising.
Brooke Shields
Obviously Ovaltine has gone through some marketing changes. You can gather all the shrinks in the world to tell you this or that about sex in advertising but it doesn't mean a damn.  It's as simple as the birds and bees, sex sells.
Cobie Smulders aka Agent Maria Hill
Women's Health isn't putting Cobie Smulders on its cover to get men to buy the magazine. Although there are some guys who might have to smuggle it back to the bathroom when wifey isn't looking. If I had fantasies about this woman they could be classified as suicidal thoughts because if anything did happen I'd be dead the next morning of cardiac arrest.
I'm not sure that Linda Blair ever did an advertising campaign but she symbolizes perfectly why I do RULE FIVE, sex sells. And with any luck it will give Wombaticus Prime a pleasant distraction as he prepares for the big move.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Phoney Global Warming Headlines

Sea levels are rising at faster clip as polar melt accelerates, new study shows

That is the headline from a story in the Washington Post. The article goes on to talk about a study done which involved going back and looking at sea level gauges from around the world.  Revealing a startling sea level rise of about a tenth of an inch.

As always the devil is in the details and you can't expect these Global Warming prophets to be completely honest.  So, check out the first sentence of the last paragraph.

"Watson noted that sea levels can fluctuate naturally as water is exchanged between the sea and land, and for that reason, the higher rate of increase described in the study is too small to be regarded as statistically significant."
Here the story has gone from a compelling headline on sea level rise to guess what, we got squat. So as you read that Republicans in congress are re tasking NASA to do more space exploration and less earth science remember the man-made climate change crowd ain't got squat.

The whole climate change agenda is built upon volumes of useless studies designed to bury their opponents. They know that it is impossible to go line by line and repudiate their every assertion. Global Warming has been blamed for volcanoes, earthquakes and premature gray.  All of this and when our elected representatives ask the EPA and other agencies for hard science guess what? They ain't got squat.

Like Seinfeld the Paris Summit will be a show about nothing.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

White Males Unwelcome At Colleges and Universities

If Feminism's Rape Culture Insanity weren't enough young white men attending a college or university now have to deal with the hatred of them by blacks which is most often excused. Specifically, I'm talking about Boston U. assistant professor Saida Grundy.
"I'm not surprised that Boston University is hiring a racist to teach African-American Studies," David Horowitz, author of “Reforming our Univerisities,” told "Anti-white racism is rampant in Black Studies programs." - Fox News
Fox analyst Andrea Tantaros nailed the problem right on the head and I'm paraphrasing, the last acceptable form of discrimination is against white men and Christianity.
The screen caps above are from a site run by Nick Pappas which compiled Ms. Grundy's hate filled tweets and I haven't included the most offensive.
“If she were a white racist rather than an anti-white racist, she would never be hired. Professors are supposed to be experts in some scholarly field, and professionals in their classroom discourse. They don't have a license to indoctrinate students in their prejudices -- whether those prejudices are right or left,”  Horowitz on Fox
Indeed, it seems our universities are now filled with academics who rationalize their hatred of others and teach those rationalizations as if they were gospel. Look at those tweets again and remember they are being made by a assistant professor.

Let's talk about her freedom of speech and pretend she's not a bigot. Let's pretend that there isn't an openly hostile environment for young white men at our nation's  higher learning institutions.

UC San Diego's Nude Final Exam

"Put this in the you-can’t-make-up-this-stuff category: At the University of California San Diego, a controversy is brewing over an art class in which students take the final exam in the nude."
While stories on this controversy are quick to point out that the course isn't required to graduate and that students aren't required to strip down to pass the class they fail to recognize the coercive element present in this arrangement.

The dust up began with a woman saying that her daughter wasn't aware of the nude exam before signing up for the course.   Imagine the awkwardness of being one of those who might object to stripping for Ricardo Dominguez's final? Oh, you may not be required to get naked for the professor but one could certainly imagine that it would help your final grade.

With all of the talk of Rape Culture and unreasonable pressure Ricardo's nude final is really okay with the rabid progressives. As long as it tears down societal norms university professors are pretty safe in their perverted endeavors. The only real art in the minds of these academics must be offensive to what is left of mainstream America.  Gutter trolling is the new higher learning.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Girls of Jurassic World.

That's right, the long awaited sequel to Jurassic Park is here.  Dinosaurs brought to life in the modern day and all of that jazz.  This time they've gotten it right but when sales drop they come up with a new gimmick that somehow goes awry.  But this flick about cold blooded lizards has a few hot blooded women so let's take a look.
Judy Greer - Californication
Judy Greer took some time off from voicing Cheryl Tunt on Archer to be in Jurassic. Curiously, IMDB doesn't list the character she will portray. Greer has a long career in both film and television including an appearance on Big Bang Theory in just her skivvies. I'm pretty sure Sheldon didn't get to snort cocaine out of her butt. WooHoo!
Yeah, the movie is about dinosaurs but you'd have to have been living in a cave not to know who this redhead is. Bryce Dallas Howard is the daughter of Ron Howard. You may also remember her from Lady in the Water.
Katie McGrath - The Labyrinth
Katie has done most of her work on the BBC. Considering she has no formal training as an actress this Irish lass has done quite well.  She can be seen in Merlin as Morgana and Lucy in Dracula, both are BBC products.

Jurassic World was shot in Baton Rouge so I can assure you the bugs are real.  The women are real and with any luck the movie will be real.  Let's hope.

DeflateGate is about social justice and equality in the NFL

The NFL has become a 'black' sport. With a few exceptions the players and commentators are African-American. The players that run afoul of the law are usually black for no other reason that they are the vast majority of players. But there must be social justice and there must be equality.

The recent  DeflateGate report and the punishment meted out as a result are simply a case of the NFL saying, 'see we punish the bad white people.'  The report contained no damning facts and reads more like a hatchet piece from The New York Times. 

So the NFL has done its social justice CYA and the reaction is about what you would expect. A league with the most hysterically lax drug policies and problems with violence against women has made its sacrifice to the Social Justice Gods. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Jesse Mathew Charged With Murder Of Hannah Graham

Citing new forensic evidence prosecutors have charged Mathew with capital murder.
Security video led investigators to Mathew in connection with the disappearance of 18 year old Hannah Graham then a UVA sophomore. After an interview with investigators the former cabbie panicked and fled to Galveston, Texas.  After Mathew was taken into custody authorities revealed that DNA had linked their suspect to other attacks.

Mathew, it was discovered, had been a college football player and had left two schools amid accusations of sexual misconduct. Notably his alleged attacks, upon leaving college, occurred after the fall semester had begun. 

One of Mathew's early attacks was interrupted leaving a witness.  Mathew has been charged in that case which took place in another jurisdiction. If the Graham case goes forward prosecutors have indicated they would seek the death penalty.

On the night of Graham's disappearance video shows a disoriented Graham walking in the opposite direction of Mathew.  Sources say that Mathew can then be seen to turn around and follow the teen.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Boobtastic Friday Night

Certainly Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is no stranger to being scantily clad.  The Victoria's Secret Model turned actress will soon be seen in the new Mad Max film.

Reality star Melissa Reeves takes a fall after a night of drinking with some gal pals.  In an outfit like that it was pretty much a sure thing that people would get an eyeful.

Speaking of Mad Max: Fury Road did I mention that Charlize Theron would be in that flick. Yummy.

Marisa Tomei who I remember for My Cousin Vinnie is in 2015's Spare Parts a flick about those crazy fighting robots.  Italian beauty does not come from a scalpel.

Riley Keough, eldest grandchild of Elvis, started modeling at an early age and as a curious twist of fate she is also in the upcoming Mad Max film.  Strange how that happened.

Addison Timlin of The Town That Dreaded Sundown fame has done a few episodes of Californucation but has absolutely no connection to Mad Max.  Timlin got off to a great start in Derailed.
Derailed also starred Clive Owen and Jennifer Aniston.  Seeing Jennifer in something other than a romantic comedy is, well, refreshing and it was a movie well worth watching.  I should also mention that Aniston also has nothing what so ever to do with Mad Max.
Aussie, Megan Gale would've been my first choice for Wonder Woman.  Alas, no one listens to me.  Having transitioned from modeling to acting you may see Gale shortly in the movie Mad Max: Fury Road.
Farscape star and DragonCon favorite Virginia Hey.  Few remember Virginia as a Bond Girl in Living Daylights.  And fewer still remember her in The Road Warrior.  The Road Warrior has always been my favorite of the Mad Max series.  All we can do now is cross our fingers and hope the Fury Road is a worthwhile addition to the franchise.

Obama's Policy of Distraction: Baltimore

The riots in Baltimore increasingly seem to have been manufactured after learning that police were told to stand down.  When you consider that all of this has been about a career drug dealer who's death in custody is still a mystery it all seems very convenient for a President whose policies are failing so spectacularly all over the world.
Not manufactured?  But as many as 50 social media accounts involved in the Ferguson riots have been actively agitating in Baltimore. The Conservative Treehouse documents what many around the country have not been told.  Blacks are openly and deliberately attacking white businesses.  Leading to mysterious comments in the media about how some businesses were completely destroyed while others were untouched.  As if they didn't know why.

Democrats and this President seem to be in the business of standing down.  After all, isn't that his official policy in the Middle East?
All of this standing down doesn't mean that the Democrat Obama hasn't been scheming in the background.  Obama has removed sanctions from Iran even as former U.S. ally Saudi Arabia fights a war on its border against Iranian backed Houthi fighters.  A pattern has emerged, Obama starts the trouble then stands down.

Muslims Detained After Throwing Christians Overboard

With talk about revolution leading to peaceful democracy Obama led the charge to destroy Libya and transform it into a failed state, but I've covered all that.  Set up the trouble; support Arab Spring, destroy Libya, stand down.  And BTW let Europe deal with the fallout. As a result of Obama's misguided policies thousands are pouring across Libya then the Mediterranean to land in Europe.  People whose lives are put in jeopardy by failed borders (strangely like our own failed southern border) bringing us more stories of human suffering that could have been avoided.  Who needs to do the soul searching now, Mister President?

Meanwhile, the Glorious One is working on free trade agreements that even his own party denounce.

So our Glorious Leader says we need to do some soul searching.  After spending 22 trillion dollars on anti-poverty programs?  After the establishment of Affirmative Action in 1961 by Democratic President JFK?  After the establishment of scores of government agencies to ensure every kind of equality you can possibly imagine, we need to do some soul searching.  Or maybe he was talking to the blacks who target and destroy white owned businesses.  I doubt it.